Confused about something in the forum


What does read, visits and enters mean? I looked under users and saw this and was vey confused.

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Nice question, @JumpyJose. I think Entered means how many replies or posts you typed in during the week or whatever time you chose. I think Read means like how many replies you read or saw? I'm not so sure.. I think Visits means like how many full visits you made on the Hopscotch Forum. When I looked at the Users, I was pretty sure I visited more than 8 times. I'm not really sure about it. When I think of Visits, it means like a whole full visits and not quick visits..


Thanks! It means a lot that someone replied cause I was really confused...


Good question @JumpyJose and great answer @Berrymelon! I've wondered about this too. I had a look on the Discourse forum (which is what the Hopscotch forum is based on) and I think these are what they mean:

  • Entered- how many topics you've entered or opened
  • Read- how many posts or comments you've read
  • Visits- how many times you've visited the forum (visiting the forum at least one time on a particular day counts as one visit for that day)

I will update these if I find more information :smile:

What is Users tab for?
Regular Badge Confusion

@JumpyJose, I was confused with that as well! I just guessed the answers :blush:


Thank you for clear offing that!