Conf.used help please


Sorry I had to change this post due to someone not like me talking about that topic


Idk. Ask her. She might not want to talk about it.


Communication outside the forum is when hopscotchers who don't know each other in real life come in contact on an app or website outside of the hopscotch forum. Some of these apps include, instagram, google docs, and other forums.

And also, the titles are only looking for the censored words, not taking into account that it is within another word.


Communication outside the forum is like sharing your emai.l or phone numbe.r. That's why those words are censored.


As @Dude73 said, communication outside the forum is contacting someone on other gaming platforms, social media or anything else outside of hopscotch.
However, doing this is strictly forbidden.


Wait so if I met you on snap, I would be banned?


No, if you guys gave each other the information to contact each other on anything including social media, then you would get your suspension for a month or so.


Eww Jacob Sartorious :joy::joy:


How would they know?


The Hopscotch Team? They are always looking and also the community can flag posts.


So if I was like chatting and said my phone # was (***)-****-**** it would report it?


I used stars!!! So it wouldn't think I was


Yeah, if you did that, you'd be suspended. Temporarily, but suspended.


Who is @friendship2468


Isn't it @Currency5097193? And I'm still pretty sure she doesn't like the profile picture. Or being talked about. Idk.


I don't wanna talk about the suspension please delete that out of your post now.


I was stupid k


Hey don't say that. Cash is my friend, so stop. That doesn't help. It makes it worse.


Oh I'm sorry I didn't me to put you out there. I was just wondering DELETING IN PROGRESS


How do I delete a post?