[Concept] Splitscreen for iPhone

DISCLAIMER: The information in the topic was created for STRICTLY education purposes! Do not try this at home.

I managed to get WORKING split screen on my iPhone 6!!

Imagine being able to create games in Hopscotch, and use the forum at the same time, all on your iPhone…

Well now yo… I mean… I can. (Sorry, I don’t wanna tell you how to do this because it can screw up your device!)

Well, here ya go!!

Yup, amazing, right!?

I hope Apple adds this feature into iOS 11.

What do you think? Would this be useful?

  • Yes, I would use it every now and then!
  • Eh, I would use it that much.
  • No, I would never use it!

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thats acually amazing, but it seems a bit cramped so

But I would still use it a lot as I love multitasking youtube with everything


Yah I do that on my iPad all the time

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Hopscotch should add splitscreen capabilities

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This would be a cool feature

I just wish the iPad mini 2 could use split view. Then I could actually do that. D:


My iPad just is too old to do that :confused: lol

That would be great, though. A forum built into the app? Would that work?

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I do that! I use it for other stuff too, it's cramped but cool


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What even is that? It's not what @Zachyswag did, and I've never heard of it before. Lemme check it out.

Oh, I see. That for the default stock apps. Doesn't allow you to have two apps at the same time.

That's not correct information. That does not turn on or off Splitscreen. I made my phone Splitscreen through a hack.

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Did you hack the code? :0

Nah, it's a bit simpler than that.

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I would use this every now and then, but I'd probably still to my iPad for stuff like that.

I wish Hopscotch had split screen capabilities, though.


I mean... you yourself have talked about it before, but whatever floats your boat, man.

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I know how to do it. :P ask me amd I can show y'all.

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If you really know how to do it, please don't share how. The real way has a chance of completely breaking your device. Please do not share it.

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For the first time in forever we talk to each other again XD @zachyswag

I know a les torturous way of it :P

There is literally no other way to do it on iPhone without hacking.