Computer version?



I use my PC a lot more then ipad :rolling_eyes:. Plus some people might perfer using hopscotch on pc. We already can play hopscotch games on computer, so why not have a full on version? Its possible! I have heard that they could be working on an android version, but still, Please try hopscotch :smiley:

Hopscotch Emulator! (For PC)
New on the forum! No pls no

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THT are working on phone and android so give them time.


And welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the forum! Currently, they are working on Hopscotch for iPod and iPhone. Next, they're probably going to work on Android tablets, then Android phones. Then, it is likely they will work on a PC version. It'll probably take a couple years, although.


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this is old you know



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It was not revived for so long

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