Compliments in Hopscotch - Suggestion


Before you go all, “No way people are gonna comment bad stuff and be spammy!1!!1!1!”

Please read this throughly-

My suggestion to Hopscotch is a commenting system that’s ridiculous restricted so the idea is less likely to be argued against:

There will be a comment section, with only a few positive phrases to select from, like-

“Nice job!”

“It looks really cool!”


and I think any emoji could be allowed except for certain inappropriate/violent ones

There could also be a limit to how much you post compliments per day, to prevent spam from annoying the publisher, and possibly a way to disable the ability for people to comment on your project

I would honestly just want the feature to block others, but people didn’t approve of it last time it was suggested.

Don’t hesitate to tell me your thoughts on this!


What’s the point of a commenting section if you can only say limited things? If we like it, we would click the heart. I don’t think it’s very necessary if we just have one like that. Maybe we can type whatever we want but make it have a filter like I can’t say ■■■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■■ because that’s all filtered. Just a suggestion.


But people always find away around a filter like this: dum.b


I understand, but people can put a dot in the middle of their bad words so it gets through the filter



iPad awa.y

those are two words blocked on the forum, but I still got away with it


Can’t we just filter the dotted words too? Like can become :black_medium_small_square:️:black_medium_small_square:️:black_medium_small_square:️:black_medium_small_square:️:black_medium_small_square:️:black_medium_small_square:️


Well anyways, the hopscotch forum was not completed made by the hopscotch team, I believe they gave something to the original creators of the format of this forum, so I think you should take this to the original designers. At the original forum.

But also, some of the filters are really…funny. So usually most people (unless they’re trolls) will put periods in the middle of appropriate words.

also hi again dwap


I think that your idea is actually a very good one! Sometimes, hopscotchers remix projects just to leave a comment on the title or in plain text on the project. Just a couple of positive phrases and a bunch of cool emojis would do just the trick!


Yeah, one of the reasons I suggested it is because some people find it annoying when someone remixes their project and the remix gets more likes


Yes, it can absolutely be annoying. I know, because my project got on featured, and a lot of people remixed with no changes. And they got likes. But some people simply changed the title to “great project!” or something like that.
I feel like a strictly moderated comment system would work out a lot better. Something like the animal jam mail system.


We should have a comment section w no limitations


I honestly would really want that, but people have brought it up before and got bombarded with disagreements, mainly because “People could bully others” apparently


Lol ahaha

There rly is no way to get rid of all of the bull.ying


For mature memes only, dad 76, and I mean those memes out there who know that the world ain’t gonna be happy at most times wait oops messed up oh well

You speak of the truth, and the truth isn’t always pretty. No matter how much humanity will try, bullyin.g will never stop, and if it did, we would all lead boring lives and everything would just be the same in most situations. Just like if everyone was honest, nothing would have a point and this world would go corrupt and no one will be happy, you many say that you would be happy, but lots of people do bad things and horrific things so all of that trash will be revealed, so you would live your life depressed and scared. In fact, this world would be worse if we all told the truth, if everything was the way people want it. It’s quite a sad thing, isn’t it? Where people want to have everything perfect, but if it was, they would fall under depression.



I just skimmed it sorry








The comments is a good idea.

The restriction is not. This isn’t Lego Life.

Seriously. Lego makes it a required app to change your avatar but you can’t even type.


But we don’t abuse it

I don’t at least.

I don’t use e words in a bad way, and some aren’t even bad.


If you can get offended by the internet you shouldn’t be on the internet.


You forgot the ‘:D’

Because this is a kid’s forum, you have to be extremely positive.

I know it’s unnatural and annoying, but it is the rules :00000000