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For only 10¢ a day, you can help the sad forumersb brighten up. Whether they need compliments or whether you just want to cheer someone up, this is the place.

Meerur is aware there are topics like this, but not like this one. Meerur is a pro at making ppl happee. So is @SmilingSnowflakes

I haves helped lots of ppl thru email or docs from sadness, I can help you too.

We want teh community to be a happy place.

MR. SWEG OF TEH MONTH: @pixelmaster64 cuz he is le sweg




@SmilingSnowflakes u r sweg


First is so lovely. :3


U r like a mirror
Ur shiny


Yey gud jahb meerur dis topic is baws


U r looking vry sweg 2day


I tried

I can't do these bad grammar compliments XD
@poptart0219 ur like a poptart
Ur sweet

@kiwicute2016 ur like a kiwi
Ur sweet
@LotsaPizza ur like a pineapple pizza
Ur sweet, and then savory(idk what that means I'm compliments but accept it)

@Fluffymarshmellow ur like a marshmallow
Ur sweet

@Sugarisyummy ur like sugar
Ur sweet

@Sweetlina ur like sweetness
Ur sweet


Thx u so mach
Ur sweg meerur


I'm sour too!! XD

@OrangeScent1 You smell sweeter than your name. XD


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Thank you very much
You are sweeter than you think


O yea I 4got

I gotta roast myself now

"Hey OrangeScent
Ur like an orange
With seeds in it"


Thenk you vry much fren ;u;


U r vry kewl

U r so sweg meerur likes Wall-E but dat meens candles have scents :0


Omg thicks so much fren


@smishsmash es veery usome and halpfall


@LazyLizard is very bad and needs dank lessowns


Nu! Y u li 2 me ;-;

Tank u so much :D fren!


@lazylizard is my internet fren c:
She is so amaz and awsomesause c:


Is at wut iss is cauled, dank? I can't doo it. Halp me please.
@iPlazma wuz swag, but he lehft.