Compliment A Hopscotcher/Forumer!



Yo Scotch tape want some more tables? |-------|


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k see ya


Thank you! And the POMTL is awesome too because they help people test their games. By the way, everyone here is awesome :slight_smile:


I was going to write this a week ago :sweat_smile:
@sophia71205, you’re really kind! Your support inspired me a lot. You’re really nice. Great job! :D


Thanks xD


Totally agree! :slight_smile:


Please do not tag the OMTL for something like this.


Awwwe, tysm! I am not sure what support you are referring to, but somehow it inspired you.


Here it is…


@BB-Box - Really Great Coder
@Gobli09 - Awesome friend! also a awesome cat
@WynterDiamond - Really Nice
@Dolphin_coders - sadly gone but super nice
@FearlessPhoenix - good at coding
@Dylan329 - AMAZING at pixel art
@BotanistGirl24 - really kind
@DMF - really good at coding
@KayKat - AMAZING at trail art
@Maltese - My favorite hopscotcher
@CreationsOfaNoob - an awesome coder
@Serenity - cutest chibi drawing I have ever seen
@SuperGirl3Acer - the BEST drawer on HS (please don’t say you are not)
@t1_hopscotch - A amazing mod
@TheRealPikachu - amazing at code
@TheDrawer - really great at drawing
@MagmaPOP - WOW just WOW
@EnchantedHopscotcher - really nice
@Artistic_cat - amazing at art
@AHappyCoder - your code is… Don’t have words
@bluedogmc-official - their code is awesome
@MiNi - really nice
@lollypopcorn - good coder
@LavenderArts - a good artist
@Roller_Blade - awesome at code
@Paige1212 - super nice!
@photographer123 - I love her art style
@ChickenGirl - awesome at art
@Gilbert189 - cool code
@Grizzlyzoe - good at realistic art
@discobot - for being a robot
@DrCrazyChicken - nice
@Lisa1045 - very kind
@thebananaman - for somehow always being on when I tag @ laserpais_friends
@hyperactive_fox - for being nice
@Silverdolphin - for being kind


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Aw thanks! <333


Thanks! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Yaya thx!
@laser_eyed_puppy very awesome


Thx soooooooooo much @laser_eyed_puppy


Thanks! :D

You’re really nice too!


@KVJ really cool and coding as amazing
@emmabutterfly444 really nice and nice coding
@PandaBlossom super nice and coding and drawings are awesome
@HappyCat super nice and drawings are amazing
@WynterDiamond really nice and cool projects
@DMF projects are amazing
@laser_eyed_puppy really nice!

I think lots of other people should be complemented too but I obviously can’t tag everyone! keep up the amazing work y’all!


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!!! That means a lot!! ;v;


Aw, thanks X333