Compliment A Hopscotcher/Forumer!



Dying inside at school


and even my HS account?
tysm ;u;




you’re welcome potato fries!


aww wow thanks sweetie


hey can we rp about nico and will


sure but can we do it later? i have tennis now


what time zone r u in? what time u online @DaughterOfHades


o ma goodness thanks :0


gmt +4 (uae time)
should we move this to my gt


o ma god thanks :0


@Mr.rex You’re the best fox I’ve ever met. Very EPIC
@sweater I know I don’t talk to you much, but you’re a very good person. Very EPIC
@carpet you’re a very kind, and cool person. Very EPIC
@BlackSeal you’re very funny and a great person to talk to. Very EPIC
@Paige1212 you’re one of my best friends. You always make me smile, and you’re one of the best people to hang out with. Very EPIC

realizes how many times I said “very” oh


okay, this is epic

yeah i dont talk to you that much either but you give likes to stuff on my general topic so very good meme yes, we should talk more some time

have a good day bruh


wow , thank you

now this is epi c


aw tysm lissssssssssss


We should ^^

You too :)


You’re welcome :)


You’re welcome! :)



it mean 2 much i appreciate u took the time 2 write that eeEKK :two_hearts:

i appreciate it a lot! u 2 are super cool and kind!


I compliment carpet for being the most gruchi rug I’ve ever see. #carpetisbest