Compliment A Hopscotcher/Forumer!



You can’t give anyone a badges, thats the thing


I think I’ll quit u r the worst pospls I couldn’t even compliment if I angled. THANKS VOR GETTING RID OF MY TOPICS RUDE UNCARING RUDE


I don’t care u r part of it
I see that now don’t bother


lol duuuuuuude can you chill


Aww thanks! I’m not that kind and my art socks. I can’t draw anything to save my life.


Bring back my topics then I don’t understand why everyone won’t listen to me! There is one person here who didn’t letting me have my topic and now everyone isn’t letting me babe cause they won’t help! It’s sad and cry


Mr. Rex before u say things tell me are u boy or girl and then think again wether or not it’s faur


Ok I’ll bring back your topics jeez but…
How old even are you?


Ummmm, I’m a boy hhh


Why you freaking out so much over one topic?
It got lounged. Chill.

And this really is not the place for this.

I tried getting back on topic but I guess not


Aww!!! Your!!! So!!! super!! Nice!!! :heart:

Thank u for being a fren ily and your art is- AH

Your so nice!!! V GUD ART i cant. Iwassadwhenuleft,
Your art!!! Your lovely!!! We dont talk AS much but :heavy_heart_exclamation:!!!

:0 your lovely and your art and i cant💚

Youve made so much improvement!!! AAH! mAy tHa fOrCe bE wItH yOu! :blue_heart:

We havent talked much but ily!!! And your art is so great im dy i n g!!! :gift_heart:


You’re really kind and your art socks at socking!!
(Everyone self-deprecates here, don’t they?)


Uhh no I disagree completely.

:)) I’ll just leave it at it’s a bit worse than that…


Eell, you shouldn’t disagree.
Darn, I can’t type on a kindle…


Hey thank you so much


:heart::heart:jackie thank you
you’re an amazing friend, just an overall sweet person
you’re art is also AMAZING and i wish i could get your painting skills



also Youve made so much improvement!!!?


@FATTCAT whERE haVe u bEEN1?


thank you!! but no, onions are not good :((


:b: first of all my art ain’t even good…:neutral_face:

but i do have to say im the funniest person alive teehee😊