Compliment A Hopscotcher/Forumer!



Ahhhh sksjsksjsj thanks so much


oh i do remember i might bring back the floor is lava


I would write something about you amazing people but it would take a while
I’ll probably do it when I have more time lol


Thank you so much for the compliment, that totally made my day! :slight_smile:
By the way, you are an awesome contributor to the community too!


It’s not really Mine, I just found it on the internet


I thought you had a Kermit stuffed animal and were making froggy chronicles or something.


That would be rad lol


You definitely have one, I’m sure you do. :smirk:


(wow so many lieks in 15hrs lawl)


But thanks U left so many people out I guess that’s mean


lol i also got left out, but its no excuse to get mad about! there will always be a chance for you, that one moment will come one day for sure!


you have too much free time you know?


I did not get left out but I got left in in a way that shows I am not really matters


i don’t have one D.M.F.


yes bro i am going to add more later


Ahh, ty so much, that just made my day!


np! It’s tru

would like ur post but I’m out :((( :heart:


So many of the people u tag in ur tag list aren’t even on there! What us ur tag list then!! Who’s on it?. People to entertain u u heartless


How to access random stuff


Umm that’s not how that works