Compliment A Hopscotcher/Forumer!



H e y t v I w a s g o i n g t o s a y s o m e t h i n g t o y o u t h e n e x t t i m e y o u w e r e o n b u t i f o r g o t :cowboy_hat_face:




Hhh my throat is so sore that when I talk I sound like a teenage girl who’s just been to the dentist


Thats legit my sister right now


Hhhhh I miss talking to youuuu!!! You’re so amazing ilyyyy thank you ahhhh

Thank!!! You!!! So!!! Much!!!



You’re so amazing I just can’t


No queen
You’re the legend


Wow this topic blew up


Okay, now this is epic


hhhh thank you!!


i’d write something like this too but i don’t want to make anyone feel excluded


ok, this is epic

seriously, thank you so much :heart: you’re great


i can’t believe this…they did surgery…on a grape. smh my head


ahh oh my hec*k thank you photo :grapes:
yeah i do love your art and you’re kinda fresh


@DaughterOfHades - A fantabulous friend.

@ArtisticCoder - Quite an interesting and friendly person.

@FearlessPhoenix - A very lovely and great person.


what is your main account?
but thanks



thx by the way


people forgot that i used to code


Can I take those heart emojis and put them into my like count? XD
Because I just ran out.
Also, isn’t the Kermit one @ChickenGirl’s picture?
Chickengirl used heart emojis!!


thank you so muc h
you’re so nice skdhdjhs
i love your name too!! and you are so much more funny than me wha t