Compliment A Hopscotcher/Forumer!



i used to be unhealthily obsessed with eating them last year.

one time on a field trip at school i brought a whole bag of goldfish and everyone kept pestering me for some smh :woman_facepalming: :disappointed:


Deliver some to me here is my ad dress

goldfish lane




Im not sure what ive done, i mean i’ve only ever mostly posted art and now I barely even do that lol.


goldfish delivered they are packed and full of corn syrup as a side dish

wow nice me


Hehehe thanks

I wanna do one too but i fear that im gonna forget some people coughcoughimnotbeinglazy so heres love for everyone who passes by


wHy are you so sweet I can’t omg


back when I was pathetic and thought my early art was good you just gave me some constructive criticism but it means a lot :bangbang:



Colbl omg this made my day


Kool thx


im sorry jake please forgive me


i know u love me


Hey! ily2? You’ve always just had this super cute style that I love? And you’re really nice and funny? :sparkling_heart:




im sorry the wind is too strong whhhhhhat???


Om my gosh! I’m here! Thank you.


I made the bullies leave me alone.


Heck im sorry we haven’t talked to much since MFC but I’m still happy you appreciate me still and i appreciate you still too


Wth does this mean
But thx