Compliment A Hopscotcher/Forumer!



It has hsb picker


Okey, again with a few cool features it could get on trending…

But honestly now, I think most of the projects on featured aren’t feature-worthy…not all of them but a few…


They are worthy. It’s just worthy isn’t as high standard as it was.


Ok then…
Then the standard is a bit low…


Oh, thank you so much! I really appreciate it.


Thx for saying a Great friend and Grat Person I really appriciate it


@sophia71205 and @MiNi
You guys have been the closest, best friends I could ask for. You have always been there to support me, and combine that with my real life friends, and I’ve got it made. Thank you for that.
I smile when I see your profile pictures, because seeing them reminds me of you. The memories we’ve made here are unforgettable. The conversations we’ve had can be funny or sentimental. It’s nice having friends that can cheer me up and make me laugh, but can also make me smile not because of humour, but because they mean so much to me.
You have deserve to lead the best lives, and you probably will. You both are smart, kind, humble, hardworking, honest, considerate, generous, loyal, determined, creative, compassionate, friendly, and selfless. You are the ones that will be the leaders that stand up and make the change no one else was brave enough to. You are the people everyone wants to know, and I’ll always be grateful that it was me who ended up lucky enough to be friends with you. I hope your dreams come true, because you’ve earned them.

KayKat's topic ~ I wasn't made to be perfect, I was made to be human

You are so kind to those around you, and you are able to support everyone and give them strength. You are also not afraid to speak out for what’s right for you, and I really admire you for that courage. You’re an amazing person!


@KayKat great friend, coder, and just awesome. Kay kat will always lend a hand, and she is kind and thoughtful. She always tries her best, even when times are tough. She is a true hufflepuff.
@WynterDiamond he/she is a good friend, a pretty great coder, and will always open up to you.
@Eliza she is a great friend, an outstanding coder, and thoughtful. She loves helping, and she will be anyone’s friend. Eliza also remember the details. Your birthday, u learned a new skill, really everything.
@t1_hopscotch she is awesome! She follows me on hopscotch, she works on the forum with THT, she is just great.
That’s all.



The name of this topic says “compliment a hopscotcher” not “compliment the person above you”


it’s what the topic description says. i guess the title can be a bit confusing :)


Oh, oops, I usally don’t read the description to things


You’re welcome, and thank you!! :D


You guys skipped me :frowning:


@Gobli09 -GREAT CODER!!!
@thebananaman - this guy is sooo amazing. Tbm is a graet fren
@Lisa1045 - she luves Undertale,and basically what I like (she’s like the sister I never had)



and our feelings at each other. =)


To All Hopscotchers, U ALL ARE AWESOME!!!


@sophia71205 Your awesome and Im glad you actually thought of me and you’re very considerate on the internet


Dont use such language!
Besides Im a pureblood ty