Compliment A Hopscotcher/Forumer!



Ah you’re very welcome :’>

You too @photographer123!! ;))


I’ve done only 4 people and I’ve already spent 40 minutes writing


Thank you so much!! ;u;

You and your art are amazing, you’re super nice and I love your art style ;0; I’d like if we could talk more often

(I’m not good at writing compliments ;-; XD)

Also: image


Np! ;o;
And thank you, I wish we could talk more too
(Mmm same :’>>)

(Ah this is bringing back so many memories ;u;)


Same ;u; XD


Mmmm this good ol’ days ;v;


@pandablossom liar lol


aaaaaaa tappy tysm,

ik we dont chat often but its been soooo nice seeing u around the forum i lvoe u and ur art!!


Okay, lemme get this straight

@Artistic_cat -you have been one of my bestest friends on this forum, you’ve always been there for me and always cheered me up. I always find it interesting the way you uniquely draw and your styles that you’ve had over the past year/s. (Remeber your obsessions ;undertale, lion king, hamilton, monkia, and waaaaaay more) I don’t know what I could do with out you on this forum, you bring the light in the dark.
You always understand me and I enjoy having conversations with you.

@lollypopcorn -your a nice person, who is enjoying to be around. Espically with advice (maybe you’ll be a leader one day). Your an amazing drawer (same as many people) who I will always be inspired by. You’re a superb fren/drawer/typer and entertainer. You do bring happiness to this community, last thing I might say. Your an amazing coder and artist, with art you bring smiles.

@DrCrazyChicken -you have an amazing art style, and your drawings are amazing. Your very interesting to be around and I hope one day you’ll be a proffeisonal artist. I really enjoy your obsessions such as Kirby, Moana you draw them and make the forum a better place, with your sense of humour. Your super kind and considering and (gah so many ands in this sentence your art is amazing no matter what people say.

@PinkCupcake8 -woah I don’t know where to start :thinking::thinking: but your probably one of the most inspiring people here (remeber the good ol days when you would get shoutouts constantly) I use to look on your profile everyday to make sure I could be the first to like one of your projects. So when I first chatted to you, I freaked out. Your art is soo amazing. Your going to be an amazing artist when you grow up, man your everything. Thanks for being such an amazing fren.

@photographer123, your such an understanding person who I loves sharing my hamiltrash with you. You have an amazing art style which I loving drawing and the way you do digital, it’s sooo simple but effective. You have an amazing sense of humour and I enjoy talking to you when nobody else is on XD. i’m kinda thinking of more to write Xd thank you for being an amazing fren, with an amazing art style that I’m sure everybody loves drawing.

@SweeTeaStuffz - there’s nothing really different from you and photo XD. You both have an amazing art style, which everybody loves to draw (basically everything said above). And an amazing person to be around. (◎_◎;) you could secretly be twins. I haven’t really got to know you both your fun to be around!

@TappymLP -woah, I mean how do you even do digital soo good?? I mean literally. I could spend all day trying to master your style. You spend so much on your digital drawings I can’t believe the detail. You should be more noticed on YouTube (that moment when someone secretly stalks you and admires your art on yt) Because your art is like a 23 yr olds XD. (Remeber in the good ol’ days when you got shoutouts because you were on HS like 24/7?? XD)Thanks for being such an amazing fren. Thanks for the shoutouts!

@Dylan329 -your pixel art and games are superb, you’ve gave me so much support and advice with my games and pixel art. (You’ll always be way better than me at pixel art no matter what people say) I can’t believe you publish so often while being on the forum. I get jealous because I procrastinate to much XD. Thanks for being an amazing friend.

@yaygirls -thank you for being there for when I have no one to chat to (espically at 5am in the morning for you) I enjoy talking to both with you about hamilton, drawing etc. .Your improvong in art, practice makes perfect! thank you for being an amazing friend!!

Happy new year everyone! (More to come)


ahhh wow thank you XD

me and photo might be twins… but we look nothing alike really

whelp thaat won’t matter XD


Ah so many memories :’>
Thank you so much Dolphy, that means a lot to me-


ahhh Dolphy!! :000 tysm friendo. lol that means sm to me.
I love chatting with you late at night (at least for me). you’re so kind and lovely and amazing. <33

and ye we’re probs twins


Your welcome @Artistic_cat @SweeTeaStuffz @photographer123! (Sorry if there’s any typo’s XD

Artsy - ahh the memories

Photo, tea - your secretly undercover twins (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


(also wow you wrote that so well :’>)


I’m glad that I made you happy :)

@DrCrazyChicken - Thank you! You’ve always been such a wonderful person, I’m so euphoric that I was able to make your day. (´▽`)

@Artistic_cat - It’s because it’s true! ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

@photographer123 - I’m so grateful that you like your comment. Luv ya too! ☜(˚▽˚)☞

@Waffle_Draws - y’know usually I would be saying your welcome but your reply deserves more of a thank you from me. Hope to talk sometime… •‿•


Anytime! Thanks for talking to me when nobody was on, happy new year!


Sorry I forgot soo many people and forgot so many memories (p.s. I just edited the post again)

Happy new year!


I’m not really surprised you found my yt channel, it’s in my bio anyways… image

But thank you! It means so much whenever someone compliments my art. I remember the days when I basically lived in Hopscotch… I think I ended up with quite a few trending and a couple of features here and there. Those days really remind me of MagmaPOP’s old projects. MagmaPOP was the king of Hopscotch. xD


Ahh the memories. But seriously your art has improved so much and you should get noticed a bit more on yt. Because there’s famous people that get thousands of views that you are better than


Nah, not really… other people’s content is more exciting to watch whereas mine is just an archive of speed paints with YouTube standard music :P