Compliment A Hopscotcher/Forumer!



:game_die: 2, 1


Ha, it’s already January 1st. Start of a new year so here goes…

@SilentEcho - It has always astonished me how talented you are at drawing, it’s been over a year and I still can’t get it over my head that you’re younger than me! You’ve always been really sweet and you have a cute style to match it; I will always be grateful for the drawing you did for me that I still use as my background. This is for one of the sweetest people I’ve met.

@Artistic_cat - hey, Artsy. I always see you around, liking posts, replying in topics and joining groups. It amazes me how you’re so active on the forum, because even when it’s nearly bed time for me, I can still see you as one of the first to like my drawings. I really need to take the time to appreciate how I can rely on you in a moments notice of tagging or replying to you. You’ve been wonderful this past year. :D

@PinkCupcake8 - Oh my goodness, where to start? You’ve always had that knack for drawing, a talent that’s so rare to find in people. If I didn’t know you, I would have instantly thought you were some kind of professional artist. You have a charm with you compliments because they’re always so flattering, it makes my heart warm everytime you leave a lovely comment on anything anyone posts. You’ve put a little bit of positivity and brightness everywhere you go. Thanks for everything, PC8! 。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆

@XiaoMiaoMi - I’ve looked up at you for so long, I can’t even remember how much time has past since then. You’ve always been there, even before you knew I even existed, I’ve looked up to you for years now. When you replied to one of my drawings I think I was literally choking in happiness because O H MY GO D this person I’ve looked up to for so long likes my work. >///<

@Waffle_Draws - You are just the most wonderful little human bean I’ve met! You have just the perfect mix of cinnamon roll and sinnamon roll. You are that one person none of us deserve but we all need, you’ve been in this community for such a long time I think most of us could probably consider you our mother… except you don’t want to be one. Thank

@DrCrazyChicken - everything you draw is so cute, I can’t even- I’m pretty sure you’ve heard that one a lot, but for good reason; it’s true. You don’t know how much you compliments and like mean to me, just knowing your there makes me very happy as is. Honestly, I think you’re spoiling me with all these kind words. You and your sister, @lollypopcorn, have just got the most adorable artstyles I’ve seen in a very long time. Thank you both for your amazing contributions!

@ColorlessCanvas - how??? Your art is just so amazing and your just such a sweetheart?? I can’t even form words rn, I think I’m just too overwhelmed with awe from looking at all your posts. Thank you dear, you’ve been an amazing person on the forum this past year. :)

@Elemental_Cat - frick I want to bloody swear because your art is just too good! I live your style so much and it just inspires me. Your always so chill too, I can barely keep my immense rage bottled up inside of me most times so you’re a work of miracle in my eyes. WO A H

@photographer123 - It’s been a pleasure to watch your art grow so much through out last year. Honestly, it was a lot of fun giving out constructive criticism and you took it really well. Your presence around the forum is well known and you’ve set some rather large trends lately. I hope the best for you on your artistic journey, our smol trendsetter. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

@randomowlsLC - What an amazing artist this forum has been blessed with. It really shows in some of your latest pieces how much you’ve been improving. I haven’t talk very much with you but I really hope to know you better! ⊂(◉‿◉)つ

@Dolphin_coders - you’ve been really nice to me, and probably one of the only people who actually talk to me on my GT… it’s pretty empty anyways. Either way, you’ve been really quite wonderful and I have to have gratitude for everything you’ve done for me as of late. Thank you for being such an awesome person! (•̀ᴗ•́)و

There are so many of you that I want to give proper thanks to but I’ve spent a little too long on this… maybe I’ll make another post dedicated to more of you guys. I love you all! <3

Also, expect some edits around here, I’m gonna write
much more…


You’re my french?
XP thanks I’m lucky to be your friend too


Um how
Um thank you so fricking much
you don’t understand how much this means to me
I’m speechless rn :000
Thank you so much
I can’t thank you enough!
All I can say is same to you :3


(Yells for thirteen years straight),

Hhhhhhhhhh thank you so much? Although I will say, your work is absolutely gorgeous and the thought of someone actually looking u0 to my old stuff is hard to believe ^^


Awh that makes me so happy
no ones ever said that to me before jdjsj


Your art back then was godly to me, like it was a whole ‘nother step up from my skill level. It still means a lot, when you talk to me because I love your work so much it’s beyond just plain adoration. virtual hugs

@ColorlessCanvas, you’re welcome. It’s true though, everything you do, especially the drawings (the colouring is just a wonder to behold), is amazing. I know I’ve probably used that word a lot but all of you guys are amazing!


@memorablechickenyay wow what do i say? a cool person. has cute cats. puts up with me for some reason? i am worth nothing these days. thanks for always being there. <3

@DMF duuuuuude you’re an amazing coder and wow. just awesome. has a great personality as well :) <3


Aha thank you :’>
It really means a lot to me


me, staring at your clean crisp lines and masterful poses: are you, are you sure about that,


Woah thanks so so so so much tappy!! I mean seriously this means so much


Your welcome! I just think that you shouldn’t have gotten demoted from regular, if anything you should have gotten, I dunno, super regular.

Me, looking at dynamic hair shading and smooth gradient shading
Yes, I am sure about that.

@Dolphin_coders You really mean the world to me! Your always really nice to talk to even when I’m not in a good mood.


that’s really really sweet
it really means a lot to me especially now (:


Thank you so much for saying that!! It means a lot coming from you and it honestly made my day ;u;

I’m always amazed by your drawings, your style is amazing and you’re one of my favorite artists. ;u;


Aw that’s so nice of you to say <3


ahhh I can’t even put into words how much that means to me ;0;

tysm Tappy. :333 luv ya


For anyone’s info, I’m probably going to be here for the next half hour writing a post Xd


Okay here we go-

Where to start?
You’re such an amazing person, and a very talented artist!
And such an incredible coder, I’m so honored to be your friend

Mmmm you don’t come on much anymore but oh well-
You’re such an amazing artist and friend I can’t even <3
Ah I miss roleplaying with you sm :’>

Wowie, you’re such an excellent coder and an ever improving artist-
I love chatting with you it always puts a smile on my face

Ah your art has improved sm since we met, I don’t even know what to say-
You’re such an amazing friendo ^^

Holy cow your art is absolutely astounding!

I have no words to describe how amazing your art is-
I just can’tt
You have so much talent it’s just incredible

You art is goals :ok_hand:
You’ve inspired me sm!


2017 has been an amazing year!
Yes there were ups and downs but this year has made such a difference to me-
From my art improving drastically, to making so many great friends this year has been just wonderful.
Anyways happy new year to everyone!!

~Artistic_Cat out
(lol whatever that means)


ahh tysm Artsy. ilysm and hope you have a great new year. ;3


Ahhhh thank you so much ;0; i have no words to describe how thankful i am