Compliment A Hopscotcher/Forumer!



AHH Thx.

I may have made a friend listen to Tøp. He loves it.


Tysm! You’re really amazing too


why am i always an idol im really notsisjshshshs

but thank u! yeah sounds like a deal


Really?? :0

And thank you! ;u;


Ah thank you sm <333


if u post that fun fact on a topic literally meant for complimenting and surrounded by complimenting posts u know people are gonna have a hard time resisting to compliment u like me sjsjhssgsg


True. I deleted the text on the post. Forum won’t let me actually delete it.

Also, I wanted to like your posts but I’m all out for the next 8 hours.



awww tank u so much friend :33333


<3 aaaa dude tyty t so much!!! <3

your amazing to ah


dang it dodo great I really am speechless now

dang it dodo is a new thing

BUT really ahh tysm dood you’re freaking amazing too luv ya <3


ahh lol I should make that a tag XDD

ily too <3 ahhh dood you’re so amazing


Because you left temporarily


i was here on dec. 20th


I’m :cry:, luv ya too photo
(And not in that way people)


Lol, like the discobot joke


Thanks also fren!!
Y’all are so amazing <333


Thank you so much photopai!!! :DDD


Thank you!! :D


No problem!


nonononono u didnt have to try to delete it

and also ty that’s ok