Compliment A Hopscotcher/Forumer!



Thank you!!! :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:



@KayKat, you are awesome, and you are very popular. You are super talented in many areas. You are there when I need you, even if you aren’t always the most active person. You were my very first friend on the forum, you are still my HS idol, and you will always be a very close friend.
@NindroidGames, the best half human, half cabbage, half octopus, and half etc.
@Dylan329, pixel art master and always liking my projects even if they aren’t amzing.
@FATTCAT, I feel like I don’t know you well enough, but you are the type I want to be friends with.
@PIANOMAN, you proved my stereotypes of Catholics wrong. You are unique, kind, and other good things at the same time.
@FearlessPhoenix, you showed me mercy and grace. That was amazing.
@FreshGuppy, I need to spam like you. You have always struck me as a humerous person. That’s good, we all need to laugh.
@glam_unicorn, you are always on. Good to know there is someone to talk to.
@Gobli09, you deserve more attention on HS
@KVJ, you are awesome despite being a puny mudblood
@svmaddy26, you spam liked me a lot. TYSM
@thebananaman, you are my favorite banana to be around.
@WynterDiamond, you end up being an encouragement to me without trying.
@Xman0417, idk you, but you are on my friend tag list. You seem to be a really nice person.
@photographer123, you are great at art.
@HopscotchRemixer, potato farm is amazing
@MiNi, I saved you for last because there is a lot to say about you, but it is hard to put into words. This picture seems fitting, even if we aren’t related. When was the last time you read my GT title? What I said about you is true. You are one of the best friends I could ask for. Tysm


Thank you so much!! :grinning:

I should probably do one of these tomorrow


I really don’t…my projects are really bad…
And getting about 15-30 likes for each project is enough attention for me…
Thanks, anyways! :smiley:


That’s more than the last time we had this discussion. I get you. Still, you have some feature worthy projects.


Well, 15-25 likes XD some get over 25 but that’s not the normal thing

Not at all…


Hey, @Gobli09 I get maybe five to eight likes on average for a non-trending project. You are definitely noticed.


Yeah, I’m noticed and 15-25 likes are ok for me XD

I’ve never gotten trending before, though…


It easy to get on trending in my opinion…you just need to know what people want. Like people want and need Pastel Draws…I don’t know why :neutral_face:


Why pastel draws? XD
I’m pretty sure if I just draw some horrible art it’ll get on trending.


Well, make an art Pad…people will be like “OMG, this is the best art Pad ever! I am going to use this from now on! (Never uses it again)”


Thank you so much!!!


That, and memes
What about pastel memes lolol



I’ve made a few horrid drawing pads


I’m making one right now
It’s almost done


That’s kewl
I can’t wait for it to be finished! :smiley:
I wonder if it will get on trending … It will be deserving of trending but I don’t know about the other projects


I never get trending…
There have been a couple where you have to scroll down majorly though


Well for that art pad you might :smiley:


Who needs trending when you get featured every five months!(laughs evilly for like ten minutes)


Thanks @HopscotchRemixer. U r pretty great to!