Compliment A Hopscotcher/Forumer!



this made me smile for the first time today thank you @laser_eyed_puppy!!!


@t1_hopscotch one of my most hellppuful frens (and my first senpai) She has been nice to me for almost two years :smiley:
@Jonnygamer My best buddie has been frend since art club (for like one and half years WOW)
@Rawrbear most trustable (and bestie) frend. my first friend on Hopscottch
@Phase_Admin One of my first bestie on HF! Still appriciate all the help u gave me


Your welcome! You totally deserve to smile!


Wow! Thank you! I can’t believe the Anime Art Club was like a year and a half ago! That was super fun!
Aw man, that was when MagmaPOP was still around

Say, this is a cool topic! I’m gonna do some complimenting!


you’re always so nice to me, that i feel bad for not being the nicest person i can to you. i mean, youre my #1 hypeman!!! i really want to thank you for supporting me since you first joined on the forum until now. i really appreciate you and respect you for all you did and are still doing for me.

i really want to get to know you better. maybe when you have the time you can post on my general topic :relieved:



This is a cool topic!


why do you miss me?


okay, here goes. :000

@Grizzlyzoe ahhh dude, you’re so sweet and incredibly kind. you’re so generous + accepting. ily <33
@SweeTeaStuffz my dodo. you’re amazing. frikin amazing seriously you’re probably my best friend on here. ilysm and youre always there to listen to me rant and ahhh you’re too perfect >:000 stahp [dont lol] <33
@Autumn_Leaves frenpai!! you’re so nice and you always give the sweetest compliments on my art and you’re so supportive. thx sm!!
@YogiLC ahh squiddo the kiddo. always being snazzy + too perfect + inhaling. ;3
@Dude73 aw Dudey, you’re so sweet and supportive. ilysm! :333
@randomowlsLC ahh you’re art is goals. so beautiful + too dang snazzy. you’re so amazing ily ;UUU
@PinkCupcake8 you’re amazing and perfect and beautiful and everything in between. thank you sm for always being there for me. ;3 luv ya
@Fruit4Yum ahh fruity! you’re so funny and supportive and ily!! kiwi ;3
@Elemental_Cat you’re so frikin amazing dood. :UUU you’re funny, perfect [whattt] at art and so sweet. ;3
@Artistic_Cat dood you’re awesome. ily + tysm for all the tips and constructive criticism on my art.
@MiNi ahh Mimi. even tho you’ve pretty much left, you’ve always been amazing. from the moment I “met” you, I admired your kindness, general amazing-ness, and how straightforward you are. ily <33
@KayKat you’re incredibly supportive. you’ve helped through some really hard times and helped me realize that I’m a decent person. ilysm <3
@sophia71205 ahaha Sophia. I can’t put into words how much you’ve helped me throughout the past few months. you’re utterly amazing + beautiful + smart, even if you won’t accept it. you are one of the most amazing people on this forum. I’m so glad I “met” you. ilysm Sophia. <33
@HopscotchRemixer oh Scotch. ;3 hehe whelp we’ve gone through a lot. but thank you sm after all of that, for staying friends w/ me. you’re amazing and I love being your friend. luv ya ;3
@DMF you’re a great friend who’s so supportive. tysm ;3 luv ya
@lollypopcorn I absolutely love your positive outlook on life XDD you’re so sweet. :333
@DrCrazyChicken you’re art is beautiful + so cute!! tysm for being amazing. ;3
@Jackie ah fren you’re so nice and ily!!
@Maltese you are so amazing. seriously you’re one of my idols on here. you’re so kind + I hope to become better friends with you. <33
@WhiteFeathers ahh you’re so funny and your art is goals hehe so perfect ;0
@FATTCAT dude you’re so nice and I hope to get to know you better!! ;3
@Serenity you’re so nice and your art is just beautiful :000 I hope I can draw that well someday ;’)
@Xman0417 dude you’re so nice + funny and I love fanning over tøp with you :333 ahhhhhhhhhh
@TheDrawer ahh your art style is so cute and aesthetic and perfect ahhhhh and you’re just so funny + sweet ;0
@TappymLP ahhh dood you and you’re art are frikin beautiful. you’re so sweet + have an absolutely lovely personality. <33 I’d love to get to know you better. luv ya ;3
@A.K_Studios46 you’re art is frikin amazing ;0; how?? just h o w ?? you’re so nice + kind and you’re one of my art idols. ;3
@Dolphin_coders ahh you’re so nice + you’re really god at art!! :3
ahaha to be continued


Sdfsdfsdf thank you so much ;; youre all of those things and more
Thank you for being there for me too <3 Ilysm


I know I wasn’t on there but I like to like random posts !


ahhhhhhhhhhh I knew I was forgetting someone

btw this isn’t personal or anything

I’m so sorry


Oh no offense But I dont really care when people forget me I’m used to it bye now XP


Thank you so much!! ;u;

You’re amazing too and you’re one of my favorite artists, your art style is so perfect. ;0;


Thank you!! I hope to get to know you better too!
you didn’t need to do that


Sorry, the Forum is lagging and I can’t delete this just yet.


Photo, I could honestly tear up if I wanted to. Tysm! I just can’t find the words to thank you


aw tysm crazypai!! ahh you’re probably in my top 5 favorite artists :000

your art is too perfect


don’t ;DDD


aw I’m glad you liked it ;3 <33


OMG so many people
@sophia71205- You are a great friend and now I can be myself here
@PIANOMAN- I think you are amazing and I lover your art
@photographer123- I want to know you better too
You sound awesome
@Gobli09-You’re soo cool im l ucky to be your french
@discobot- fortune
@KayKat -I want to get to now you better… you sounderstand awesome
That’s all folks
@RemixerHopscotch- you are awesome and creative I’m so glad you’re staying
@lollypopcorn -You’re just nice tysm


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