Compliment A Hopscotcher/Forumer!



Thanks for the ‘compliment’! Totally doesn’t make me hate myself even more. But Don’t worry, I already know lots of people hate me, so it doesn’t really bug me anymore.


Aww, your welcome!! You are one of the nicest people I know!


No time for flame wars now! :smiley:
@HopscotchRemixer, thanks!


eyooooooo --finga guns–


Awe, tysm! I didn’t know that I had


Wow! TYSM!!! I think you are a cool friend too.

@HopscotchRemixer You are an amazing friend and coder.

(Basically the same compliment you gave me. But, that is what I think too)


Thank you so much!! :D

You also seem nice, I’d also like to get to know you :0


Thanks so much!! (^-^)


aw tysm Exy!! :333 ily


thanks i “seem” like a good person

im not.


I should just leave. Sorry.


Oh no, it’s ok! Don’t leave!



I miss the cipher-solving-tracking-Oribi days…


Aww thanks!


I agree! We should talk more on HF! :D


im not cr-c cry ii ng


Aw, Malty. You just need a little bit of authentic love shown to you.


you always know what i want and what im feeling :,) but seriously what the he ck you need to be a fortune teller or something. you’re always saying the right things


XD I just told Kay Kat yesterday that I could read her like a book and she started saying how little I knew about her.
Some people are just really obvious with what they need.


lol. that’s true I tend to show what I’m feeling a lot through talking online