Compliment A Hopscotcher/Forumer!



@sophia71205 I GTG, going to sleep.


aw tysm Scotch. :333 luv ya.


you got to be frikin kidding me

ahhh I wanted to chat with you


um yeah i think i compliment everyone for being amazing in their own way, however that be
because i didnt say basically the same thing back in october lol


Wow, I’m really positive? XD (I didn’t notice it tbh)


God bless you!
Thank you so much! <3 <3 <3


Aw thanks!!


Thanks dude!


@HopscotchRemixer This topic is amazing, just like you are.
@lollypopcorn You’re so nice and helpful and your art is fantastic!
@TappymLP Your art is so beautiful and you’re really awesome.
@Grizzlyzoe We haven’t talked in a while but you’re an amazing friend and you’re always there for me ilysm <33
@BlackSeal You’re also an amazing friend… We’ll be able to talk one day <33
@photographer123 Your drawings are wonderful and you’re so kind!
@DrCrazyChicken You are an amazing artist and you seem super nice… I’d like to get to know you.


Thank you! You are a great coder!


~finger guns~ eyyyyyyy


OML! Thx! It means a lot. UR AWESOME.


Thank you! :heart:
You beautiful, amazing person!


Thank you Sophia! I mean what I say. And I say what I mean. Or however it is, idk.


Okay, I want to compliment:
@sophia71205- Thank you for liking my posts and helping me get over some of my insecurity from the very beginning.
@Gobli09 -Even though I don’t know you very well, @hyperactive_fox really likes you and will miss you when she’s completely gone. I also know you are a kind, funny person.
@yaygirls- I didn’t really know you that much when I started, but thank you for being there and helping me.
@Autumn_Leaves - Thank you for letting me into your club (though it’s kind of dead now) and just being so nice and supportive!
I would add some more people, but I will just tell them in person.


Ilysm too
We need to talk more <33333


Mass Compliment List 3!
Add your own compliments to each person, this will be on global Edit. There can be unlimited amount of comments per person but you should only make one compliment per person you are complimenting. Separate them with a comma
EXP: You are a great coder!, You are an awesome!

@photographer123 just such an amazing friend! Really awesome artist!
@sophia71205 You seem to help me with everything coding wise.
@Gobli09 I will never forget solving ciphers with you.
@WynterDiamond You seem to have left the forum but I will always remember you.
@KayKat I like debate and I also think you are a great friend.
@SweeTeaStuffz Another awesome artist and friend.
@yaygirls We watch a lot of the same TV shows and you guys are fun to talk with.
@Xman0417 I feel like we have been friends for quite awhile now.
@shamrockcat I wish to meet you sometime IRL
@LavenderArts You seem really cool, also hope to meet you IRL
@OnceUponATime You seem really nice to everyone.
@CreationsOfaNoob Your projects are amazing. So much inspiration.
@BlastFusion You have turned out to be a really good friend and great coder.
@ThinBuffalo I feel like you are really epinvolved with the HS coding community.
@lollypopcorn You help this forum so much!
@Liza Thanks for moderating this forum
@awesomeonion Thanks for fixing all those bugs!
@DrCrazyChicken You seem really nice like your sister.
@AmiiboTrash Cuphead! Cuphead!
@Mei-The-Riolu Ummm. Pearl is bad.
@Dylan329 Best pixel artist on HS. Pixel Art bro,
@DMF Really great coder and you are always positive!
@Yusamac205 You are great friend and experienced coder.
@Anonymous You seem like a good person.
@Artistic_cat I don’t know you much but you seem extremely friendly!
@HappyDolphin I miss you.
@MiNi (@vanillaice) You are just a really good person :slight_smile:
@discobot fortune
@MR.GAM3R I always look to your projects for how I could improve my coding.
@Mr.rex You are a great friend.
@XiaoMiaoMi We talked a little bit. You seem nice.
@PartTimeFemale I like your projects! Keep coding😄
@Kayro Star Wars. Star Wars. Great friend.
@NindroidGames You are an amazing coder. I also beta test for you.
@Intellection74 u are a great coder.
@PinkCupcake8 Yo Whassup FAM.
@YogiLC Please exhale,
@randomowlsLC plz force your bro to exhale.
@Rawrbear Thanks for your giant list of ideas
@Huggingfluffybear Nintendo Switch
@JonnyGamer You make some of my favorite games on HS
@SuperMario_MiniGames Keep making your amazing games!
@PopTart0219 I wish we could meet IRL…we go to the same school.
@Panthera You are a great friend! Always awesome to see you!
@TheDrawer You are good at drawing and coding!
@KVJ I joined your tag list
@Dolphin_coders I love all of your projects they are all amazing.
@SmileyAlyssa Amazing at everything!
@Madi_Hopscotch_ Just another awesome coder that I look up to!
@PaperBagHat_meep We were friends earlier this year.
@Paige1212 You are a good friend and coder!
@Explorer_ We should talk more friend!
@Dude73 I love a lot of your drawings
@hyperactive_fox plz never leave! You are awesome!
@RavenclawGirl You are really amazing! I like talk about world problems with you.
@DaughterOfHades You think that I am funny, and I guess we are friends.
@Jordan Congrats on the featured.
@glam_unicorn sad that you left, plz come back you were an awesome friend!
@BB-Box Really good coder.
@ExquisiteSoup I hope we can talk again soon together! You were a great friend
@Maltese You are so amazingly amazing and talented!! I love your adorable trail arts and all of your positive thinking! You really help the forum with it! You are an awesome role model and I hope to live up to your awesome projects and leadership! I know I have said this a lot but you are my all-time favorite hopscotcher, Thank you for being you!
@BlastFusion You help me since the start and look at me now! You’ve helped me since the start and I would like to thank you. Your awesome
@JonnyGamer YOU COOL DUDE! You always are fun and your awesome thank you!


:crystal_ball: Concentrate and ask again


Thank you so much!! Your amazing at coding to lol!! <3


Lel. All mine says is Star Wars. Star Wars.
But hey I guess I’m a great friend!

I know a few people who wouldn’t even think my friendships were worth more than two bits!

(Lel Star Wars ref there)