Compliment A Hopscotcher/Forumer!



I think I actually forgot to tag the OMTL about this topic. @OMTL this is a topic where you can compliment people,




You tagged OMTL in the first post XD


Don’t edit this!
@photographer123 just such an amazing friend! Really awesome artist!
@sophia71205 You seem to help me with everything coding wise.
@Gobli09 I will never forget solving ciphers with you.
@WynterDiamond You seem to have left the forum but I will always remember you.
@KayKat I like debate and I also think you are a great friend.
@SweeTeaStuffz Another awesome artist and friend.
@yaygirls We watch a lot of the same TV shows and you guys are fun to talk with.
@Xman0417 I feel like we have been friends for quite awhile now.
@shamrockcat I wish to meet you sometime IRL
@LavenderArts You seem really cool, also hope to meet you IRL
@OnceUponATime You seem really nice to everyone.
@CreationsOfaNoob Your projects are amazing. So much inspiration.
@BlastFusion You have turned out to be a really good friend and great coder.
@ThinBuffalo I feel like you are really epinvolved with the HS coding community.
@lollypopcorn You help this forum so much!
@Liza Thanks for moderating this forum
@awesomeonion Thanks for fixing all those bugs!
@DrCrazyChicken You seem really nice like your sister.
@AmiiboTrash Cuphead! Cuphead!
@Mei-The-Riolu Ummm. Pearl is bad.
@Dylan329 Best pixel artist on HS. Pixel Art bro,
@DMF Really great coder and you are always positive!
@Yusamac205 You are great friend and experienced coder.
@Anonymous You seem like a good person.
@Artistic_cat I don’t know you much but you seem extremely friendly!
@HappyDolphin I miss you.
@MiNi (@vanillaice) You are just a really good person :slight_smile:
@discobot fortune
@MR.GAM3R I always look to your projects for how I could improve my coding.
@Mr.rex You are a great friend.
@XiaoMiaoMi We talked a little bit. You seem nice.
@PartTimeFemale I like your projects! Keep coding😄
@Kayro Star Wars. Star Wars. Great friend.
@NindroidGames You are an amazing coder. I also beta test for you.
@Intellection74 u are a great coder.
@PinkCupcake8 Yo Whassup FAM.
@YogiLC Please exhale,
@randomowlsLC plz force your bro to exhale.
@Rawrbear Thanks for your giant list of ideas
@Huggingfluffybear Nintendo Switch
@JonnyGamer You make some of my favorite games on HS
@SuperMario_MiniGames Keep making your amazing games!
@PopTart0219 I wish we could meet IRL…we go to the same school.
@Panthera You are a great friend! Always awesome to see you!
@TheDrawer You are good at drawing and coding!
@KVJ I joined your tag list
@Dolphin_coders I love all of your projects they are all amazing.
@SmileyAlyssa Amazing at everything!
@Madi_Hopscotch_ Just another awesome coder that I look up to!
@PaperBagHat_meep We were friends earlier this year.
@Paige1212 You are a good friend and coder!
@Explorer_ We should talk more friend!
@Dude73 I love a lot of your drawings
@hyperactive_fox plz never leave! You are awesome!
@RavenclawGirl You are really amazing! I like talk about world problems with you.
@DaughterOfHades You think that I am funny, and I guess we are friends.
@Jordan Congrats on the featured.
@glam_unicorn sad that you left, plz come back you were an awesome friend!
@BB-Box Really good coder.
@ExquisiteSoup I hope we can talk again soon together! You were a great friend


:crystal_ball: Reply hazy try again


Thanks so much!!! You’re an amazing coder too and a great person!
You’re gonna get lots of likes on that :slightly_smiling_face:


@HopscotchRemixer What! Wow! Thanks! Hey, I still haven’t given you the draft yet…


Thank you so much! Pixel art bro. XD


This time last year, I would have never dreamed someone would tell me that.


Thanks!! :D You seem really nice too


@PinkCupcake8, you and your thumb are just…amazing at both art and being a good friend.
@hyperactive_fox, you are a beautiful fox that doesn’t deserve to self-harm.
@YogiLC, you’re just an awesome squiddo off of whom God’s love shines.
@SweeTeaStuffz, you really are sweet. You have a way of staying chill and still being there for your friends. I love Dodos.
@Dude73, I wish I could be @Dude73_FAN. Who wouldn’t want to be your fan air conditioner?
@Yusamac205, for once, someone on the forum understands my views on things…and you are an awesome friend at the same time.


Woah thanks so much! Your projects are superb as well!!!


Aww thank you so much Sophia <3 you’re amazing too



Tysm! If you haven’t noticed, I like aggravating you more than I do other people. Let’s just say that irl and on the forum, if I aggravate somebody, it kinda means, “You’re really cool, so I want to be around you a lot.”


Wow! I didn’t know I was so appreciatied. Maybe I will stay on the forum for another year…


@RavenclawGirl, I read through that flame war on the DT and you were the only completely innocent person. You told your opinion but never took sides. I applaud anyone who has the ability to do that


Yes, you will…of course, I’m that hypocrite that is always thinking of leaving


Aggravate? What do you mean? But thank you ahhhhh you’re way too nice to me >///<


The earwax, the thumb…just stuff like that. I used to “sniff” of Mimi…


@Maltese, you’re a legendary trail artist. I just want you to know that I care about you and I think about you quite a bit.