Compliment A Hopscotcher/Forumer!



@OnceUponATime thanks for listening to my rants ALL THE TIME like I don’t even know what I would do without u


@XmanFrens for actually putting up with me spam tagging you. thanks.


Duuude it’s my pleasure! ur a silly bean but ily <3


Hh thank you? Onnie, I love you, thank you so much. You’re such a good friend, :0


Awe, tysm. I think people might have figured that out…once they realized their vision wasn’t messed up and that there actually are 3 people with the same pfp.


Can you check out my new project Sophia and see if it is worthy for a feature?


In a minute, I’m in a certain mood rn…that mood that comes after trying to tell someone they are amazing.



ily toooooooooo

ur a gud friend


Ah, why not compliment several half-random people:
@Dude73, I sorta know you…but I secretly admire you. You are always trying to support your friends. TBH, I sorta want to be like you to an extent…
@PaperBagHat_meep, I remember the first time I ever saw you post (you and glammy were arguing over that drawing)… you’ve come a long way since then. Now, I look at you and I see an amazing person.
@fruit4yum, um, fruit is awesome…so that means you are awesome…


Aww, thank you! You’re awesome too.
Which means you’re awesome btw :333
yeash, I love being the half random person on le forum lol


By half-random…I meant people I’ve talked to a little bit, but I don’t know as well as some of my other friends.


Yeah, it’s okie dokes.
I am quite the unsocial one…(:


Hhh? Thank you? I’m crying, I’m so thankful

May I just say, your profile picture is so amazing!


You’re welcome.

Okay then…here’s a tissue

Thank you…Photo made it. You might notice that me, Scotch Tape, Photo, and PC8 all have it as our pfp.


Yeah, I noticed, it’s really nice that you guys express your friendship. :D


It’s hilarious, we have to call each other person. We don’t even know who is who.
Oh, and about the whole compliment thing…I’ve talked with you more than you realize…I’ve got an alternate account. I use it to sneak in your GT and sniff stare at you.


Me? I’m worth stalking?
Man, thank you, I really enjoy having you as a friend. You’re a coolness person, :P

I assume you’ll keep the account name a secret?


Yep, when you wrote that story in the writing competition, I sat…and thought.

Okay…that’s a new one.


Yes, but you’ve seen it. Most of the people that know it’s me says they can tell it is me.


I guess writing is one of my few strengths, I like to send messages to people through it, and make them feel something they may not have felt before. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Coolness was autocorrect, but I’m keeping it. I was trying to type cool, :P

Heck, Sophia, you’re super cool. I’m just saying that here and now, you’re a super coolness person. :D


Thank you so much…really.

And you’ve always been there to support me even though we never had talked much

You succeed