Compliment A Hopscotcher/Forumer!



if I list a few I’ll forget a bunch

So I compliment @everyone for being a good hopscotcher and being nice! XD


Thank you very much :grinning:


you’re incredibly nice!


@photographer123 you make the forum a better place


Thank you so much!


@WaterFlame -forgiving and hard worker


@DogWithAPen- Everywhere on the forum and an amazing coder


Thanks!!! No one has ever done this to me!!


@DogWithAPen, You are a great artist! I dont know you that well, but…


Ok, this is going to be long, but I hope it’s worth it.
@Gobli09 Great friend
@WynterDiamond Pretty much Part of every club she has ever made so she is definitely a good person
@DMF A good friend and Coder
@glam_unicorn me and Glamper like to throw tables and chairs
@HappyDolphin we have met a few times on Gobli GT, their nice!
@KayKat Best trail artist on Hopscotch by far
@Dylan329 Extremely talented pixel artist!(maybe one of the best)
@PIANOMAN Also a good friend!
@Kitkat26 Great friend! I still owe them…
@FearlessPhoenix could never forget o e of my first friends on the forum!
@Rawrbear first person I met on the forum
@NindroidGames pretty much my sempai
@t1_hopscotch really kind!
@thebananaman Great friend as usual…
@Hermione really great person in general and Great friend!
@laser_eyed_puppy one of the gen-bajillion friends I have on the forum…also a very nice person…
@sophia71205 I have said this before…one of the best people you can be friends with+good at helping squash bugs in games
@PurpleArtist good friend+artist!
@lollypopcorn has taught me how to do many things…thanks!
@William04GamerA Another good trail artist!
@MiNi A good friend that is leaving…
Sorry if I know you but you didn’t get on here…maybe I’all add some more people…


@MiNi egotistical, self absorbed, rude and jealous.
Also a nerd.

Mini isn’t leaving @HopscotchRemixer :slight_smile:

@HopscotchRemixer kind, and smart


Wow! Thanks so much Mimi! You’re so kind and realistic :DDDDD


It’s unhealthy to talk in third person XD


Wow, thanks. That means a lot. I do enjoy watching the blood of mosquitos go everywhere.


But that’s why I do it :+1:


Er, that’s just gross.


Thank you so much! :grinning:


Thank you! :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


So amazing and funny!


Oh, wow, thank you so much. I’m glad you like my trail art.