Compliment A Hopscotcher/Forumer!



To help the forum live up to its potential of being a friendly place, compliment any user(changed from the user above you)! The first person to reply can complement anyone. No talking about anything else!
Tag the person you are making the compliment too.
And finally, don’t talk about anything else other than compliments! It will be flagged!

For Some Reason I Don't Have Great Topic...Forum Glitch?
ScotchTape's GT II 😑 (Officially the blandest General Topic)

@Gobli09 - awesome


Fun and cheerful.


@sophia71205 -Very kind


aww thanks
@HopscotchRemixer and @sophia71205!



@GravityFaller - Funny and fun


@Gobli09-A great friend


@Gobli09, helpful, funny, and nice


@HopscotchRemixer, great forumer


@sophia71205 @HopscotchRemixer thanks :smiley::smiley::smiley:

@sophia71205 - Helpful, kind, and considerate



dude that hasnt been bumped since march


@Petrichor , very nice friend and very positive! Try not to get off topic here...


But it is still a thing. It isn't closed.

Now, @CreativeCoder, we see if this friendly reminder is taken as an insult. Or a friendly reminder, like it was in Summer 2016.




Hi, I just got here!
@GravityFaller is a really nice person and is great to chat with!


@Famouspizza is really nice!


@Explorer_ is a really fun person and very creative!


@BB-Box is amazingly awesome. His projects are fantastic and he is also a super good friend :slight_smile:


That word made it all XD

Thank you really super extra mega ultra much!

sorry for the super extra mega ultra part