Complicated projects are easy to make


(Not) Everyone thinks that people like MagmaPOP and funky 63 and Rawrbear learn a bunch of things to make games like Minecraft and personality quizzes.
You think they're hard to make. The truth is:

They're pretty easy to make if you think about them in your mind and practice.

I was thinking about how personality quizzes are made in my mind, picturing the code and thought, "Hey, that's too easy!"
You could become people like MagmaPOP, Funky 63, Ihasfluffycupcakes, Poptart0219, Rawrbear and other great coders if you just think about things!
Put your mind to it and have



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... Ok I guess I won't ask my question then -~-


Noo ask the question its okay!! I want to hear opinions but what he said hit me hard.


This is a point I have been trying to make, until I gave up. Almost all projects are easy to make. Some projects were programmed the "hard way" when they could work the same way with half the code. Simplification is easier to read, which makes remixing easier so a remix is not an exact copy of the project.


Yes! I completely agree!


I have made a quiz and it is easy! It just takes some patience.


Just don't overcomplicate stuff. Imagine the code in your head first, so that you know exactly what you're trying to do. Also, simple games can be fun :blush:. You don't have to have crazy amounts of code to make a good project.


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Some projects get so complicated the crash hopscotch. This is either due to too many clones, or to much something. Try to minimize your code so it doesnt do that. Trust me, I have to worry about it a lot with this first real 3D game I'm making. Sometimes adding Z to X and Y is just too much for hopsco


Thanks for that!

It's true! Most of my games are pretty easy to make! The thing is, I add complex rules to it which makes it a bit harder to code, but the end result is worth it! For example, I made a super easy Lightrail game, but I made intermediate to code red rails and achievements!

Also, it's pretty easy to implement if you know what you're doing! If you don't know what you're doing, that's what makes it hard. I highly recommend to preplan your projects and their code! :wink:


That's what I do!!! :+1::+1::+1:

It totally works now I'm on featured!


I like what this is trying to get across.
Good thoughts, @friendship2468.


It means a lot coming from you, @oio. P.S. Where'd mr. Long post guy go?


Ha. If only I were clever enough, I would say everything in one word and perfectly to the point. Still figuring that one out... :slight_smile:


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Hey I really like this topic, but you gotta admit those people put EFFORT into their projects.


Had to bring this up, but I really want to double like this post :heart:
But yeah, just be creative and put in a lot of effort. The only things that matter in a project are effort and creativity.

Still think it's hard?

Well keep at it and eventually you can get to the level of Rawrbear, AHappyCoder, MagmaPOP, Funky 63, and I.