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Ok. Here I can conclude that the iPad version doesn't exactly matter. I've heard that iPad 4's and iPad minis are glitchy and they are quite modern.

Therefore it must be hopscotch the app. On my iPad mini 1 hopscotch is as slow as a dead tortoise but other apps are fine. Though on newer devices hopscotch is much faster but I am seeking an enlargement in a file size (causing bugs on projects) My biggest project (Jedi adventures) has increased in a lag form, when I posted the game it was much faster than now.

It can typically be considered that the projects that come out in this time period and get lots of plays may be more affected than projects that came out over a year ago.

@Thinbuffalo, is it true that the iPad version doesn't matter, it's rather the hopscotch app causing glitches?


I think that it is true, and I think that hopscotch is glitching cuz there are so many new and more people and projects on Hopscotch now, the processing time of all that code inside of the code is getting longer, and so, it glitches. (Just a theory based off of a 2 minute analysis of your collection of data... sorry for sketchy-ness of it)


I haven't noticed a great quantity of new Hopscotchers, newest is clogged up of rather the same Hopscotchers.

As Thinbuffalo told me, when a project is payed it increases a file size (therefore hopscotch can take up my kb's or megabytes. The expansion results in slowing down projects and therefore all newer projects are effected by this.


By new hopscotchers, I meant people that joint fairly recently, and mainly, say, the RPers (not saying anything bad about RPing) and people like the ones in my school, the ones that have the app and a bunch of accounts, but seldom use them. Cuz I'm fairly sure that when you make a new account, it increases the file size. By only a little, I think, but those little amounts add up over time..


I use an ipad 3 and it's not laggy at all


Yeah that sounds right. iPad model I think will affect to some degree, but it's mainly due to lack of optimisation in Hopscotch


Ahh, gotcha now.

Yeah. And who knows if Remixes have effected hopscotch too.
I believe that The trending channel has experienced glitches and remixes seems to be higher than original hard worked projects.

35 weeks ago and more nearly everything I posted were in the top 4 of trending, but now people like @Valgo, @Creationsofanoob, @kaykat, @intellection74 and @t1_hopscotch somehow don't make the top of trending. I'm pretty sure anything Valgo posted was always at the top.


How about modern projects? Like Jedi adventures or GeometryScotch? Are they laggy for you?


No, not really.


Weird. Didn't the iPad 3 come out all the way back in 2012?


I think so X3
But this Ipad really wasn't used until like 2015


Yeah. I remember those days. (Lol, now I sound like this old person! XD) Hardly any remixes were in Trending, and now, you have a bunch of projects with 2 likes, and stuff that you shouldn't be sharing (according to the guild lines)

And yeah, I think your right about the remixes too, cuz this IPad 4 is one THT I've had since the start, and Hopscotch used to be way faster. I remember, like 2 weeks ago, I was playing one of your projects (the space adventures one, I think) and it took litterally 3.4 minutes to load.... now, it look maybe 4 or 4.3ish minutes...


What's? The Star Wars one (with Yoda and Darth Vader or the space art with the astronaut?


The space art one, with the astronaut. And I was really surprised, it was practically a trail art with some complicated code in the Astronaut! (Not saying it wasn't good, cuz it was great, better than I could do!). Trailarts and clones don't usually take that much time to load...



That is no where near laggy? How could that take 4 minutes to load and Jedi adventures takes 5 seconds?


I. Know. Right! That was EXACTLY my reaction when I saw the clock after it finally loaded. I was like "how the... what? It took like 4 minutes! Is that even possible?"


I have no idea which iPad mini I has so I chose all of dems


Sometimes projects take a long time to load. If that happens, go back to the project page and try playing it again. It should be faster the second time. (works for me, at least.)


i have witnessed IOS 9 with many glitches


You really like the tag list don't you?