Competition! Needs 1 more for the southern team!


This is a competition! I need no more judges (I already have myself) and as many competitors as possible!

How To Join (competitor)
  1. Say I want to form a team or join a team
    Forming a team
  2. Get a team name
  3. Get teammates
  4. Wait for first round
  5. Make a team topic

Joining a team
2. Find a nice team (I will have to not let you join a team if it's the fullest or something)
3. Ask to join it
4. I will contact the leader
5. If yes join the team's topic

How To Join (judge)
  1. Ask to be judge
  2. I might let you be judge
  3. Wait for an answer

  1. Be fair
  2. Do not steal from teams
  3. Have fun :D!


The Potatoes!
Leader: @marshmallow3
Members: none

The Cool Coompetitors
Leader: @tankt2016 (the boy)
Members: @KVJ

Leader: @Sugarisyummy
Members: @BlueStarGirl

The Enchanted Competitors!
Leader: @EnchantedAnimallover
Members: none


  1. Me @Bubbles4Ever929
  2. @Stick88
  3. @tankt2016 (the girl)
  4. @Deadfr


Join my Southern Team!

I want to be a judge! (Sits waiting)


Can I help but not be a judge! If u need me tag me


Can I be a Judge?


Ok it's time.

You Know What It Is!



I would love to be a judge if you need one!


Can I be a judge? @Bubbles4Ever929


Sorry! I already have all I need.


Look above this post


You know what @Wookie and @SnowGirl_Studios why not. You can be judges. BUT NO MORE


I let out the tag list. Nobody?


Ok I will make a team

  • The creative coders team
  • wearethegreatesthopscotchers team
  • make publish win
  • anything else post below!


Please reply here if you want to join my team!


Calling all you people. I have no teams except for one that's not official yet. I need ya!


Sorry, I am already doing March madness, and a few collabs. Sorry! :grin:


I'll create a team called: clouds, dragons, awesomeness
Hey: @Intellection74 you want to join


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Im up for team SUGAR! @coffee7 @razor @Phase_Admin @everyone (random tags) want to join ( @everyone = YOU)


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Anyone want to join?????
These are people of the top of my head