compare numbers

under hopscotcher TidyMoose you can find " Compare numbers’

2 numbers are randomly selected and presented on the screen with each tap
A counter is set to increase each time the 2 numbers are equal

What did I do wrong?
thank you



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Did you spell it wrong, @TheBest1Ever?


Can you link the project, plz?

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How do i link the project?

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Ah yes, I did. My bad.



Try adding this so that the heart always shows the number being added instead of just showing it at the beginning. Let me know if this helps :wink:

I’ll go see the project and take a look

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Oof - you put

Text 1 is Number 2
Text 2 is Number 1

Hope that helps

You might need to change that

This post and the post above can make the game work
I tried it :)

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I remixed it, did what I thought worked.

@DECODECO yeah I noticed that too. It’s what I fixed. I got rid of “number 2” and just made them each use “number”.

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Hi @Padgugru

As was previously pointed out

  1. you needed to update the display of the counter variable
  2. there was an inconsistency with respect to which text was setting which number variable

I wanted to also add that you used separate object variables for the counter, number 1, and number 2 when these could have all been the same object variable “number”. This would have helped prevent some of the confusion with fix #2. If you’re not sure what I mean, this may help: