Compare Hopscotchers with Undertale characters!


Toriel (Very good at art):
Sans (Laid back):
Flowey (Been on Hopscotch for a LONG TIME):
Papyrus (Committed):
Undyne (Social butterfly):
Alphys (Computer whiz):
Asgore (Tries to be a leader):
Mettaton (Media darling):
Chara (Huge amounts of fame):
Frisk (Determined):
So Sorry (Clumsy):
Mad Dummy (easily angered):
Froggit(nobody understands them):

Reply with your answer!


And Frisk (determined)


Forgot about Frisk, thanks for telling me


So Sorry (clumsy)


Do you know anyone with that trait? :wink:


Literally the battle is called so sorry...



Hang on, I'm asking you a question:

Can you relate these characters to Hopscotchers? :wink:


Who I'd want to be: Toriel (really good at art)
Who I am: Undyne


Who I want to be: Chara
Who I am on hopscotch: Alphys
Who I am in real life: W.D Gaster (the weird and creepy one.)


Annoying dog: comic relief
W.D Gaster: Probably a nerd...but weird/creepy.
Amalgamate: W)):3£28£:£/h).)/£/&/£:£:£:£o)):):):))::wink:!;!:;!!;;!;!;:wink::):):)/K).):):£/£/'):wink::):):):)n£::£/89/-92&-!o12!:!/!//!w£:£:£/£//£s
Mad Dummy: MAAAD.


I think I would be toriel and flowey

Why no tem tem tho


Great idea! Sounds like a lot of fun! :D

You may want to get rid of the character personalities that can be taken offensively or say that your only aloud to talk about your personality and not what you think other hopscotchers would be. :(


Sassysinger would probably be mad dummy.


I am flowery i am ancient 2014!


@RawrBear is the entire game


Toriel: @XiaoMiaoMi

Flowey: @MagmaPOP

Asgore: @Anonymous

Mettaton: @SmileyAlyssa

Chara: THT (The hopscotch team)

Frisk: Me (@PixelMaster64)


What is Undertale? Is it fun? :grin:


(The dog saids it all)


Is it appropriate for me? I'm 10, and it looks a bit scary!


Some parts are scary... and some parts are just weird. It's not THAT scary though. Like this:

That one is just WEIRD