#CommunityCares: Accept Identity Forum Competition! [OFFICIAL]

Heya Hops!

We’re here today with something a little bit different, so be sure to read this entire post!
Going forward, we wanna integrate the official app challenges into the forum more, so we’re gonna be holding concurrent forum challenges but on a much larger scale than ever before.

Today, we’re introducing a brand new challenge sponsored by the #CampCourtesy Kindness Cabin. In honor of the upcoming start to Pride Month, this challenge is centered around identity and fully embracing who you are.
As you may know, Pride Month is a time to celebrate LGBTQIA+ genders and orientations that don’t conform to the typical social binaries. This year, it also marks an anniversary of the recent social justice movement; a movement centered around equality.

At Hopscotch, we embrace these ideals and we’re expanding off of the base ideas of acceptance, equality and showing kindness to everyone. For this entire week, we’re going to be having a series of rapid-fire forum challenges.

Below, you can see a list of 3 specific challenges for each day. You must do the day’s prompts that day, and in order for it to count. Tag me (@FearlessPhoenix) in every post in which you complete a challenge so that we can keep track of everything. Always remember to be safe and to never overshare personal info. try to keep it as generally specific as possible.

Monday, May 24th 2021

  1. Change your profile picture to something you strongly believe in. This could be anything as long as it’s important to you.
  2. Reflect on this competition: Why are you participating? What do you hope to get out of this? Is there a particular challenge set youre excited for?
  3. List out your plan for the week. Which days are you doing? What are you doing for each challenge set? Don’t post any pictures but show us that you’ve started to plan out your participation!

Tuesday, May 25th 2021

  1. Change your profile picture to something related to one of your passions. It can be anything you love doing so much that it’s become an essential part of who you are.
  2. Explain your choice in this topic. Which passion did you pick? How has it shaped your identity?
  3. Code a Hopscotch project related to this passion and link it here!

Wednesday, May 26th 2021

  1. Without sharing any personal info, Change your profile picture to something that is important to someone in your life. This can be anyone as long as they are important to you.
  2. Share who this person is to you (of course also without sharing any personal information), why they’re important and why you picked this picture.
  3. Find at least 3 people on the forum that are important to you and write each of them at least one long and genuine paragraph in MSS

Thursday, May 27th 2021

  1. Change your profile picture to something important in your culture. This could be related to a significant holiday, a tradition, anything that embraces the place that you come from.
  2. Without sharing personal info, explain what you picked and why. How did aspect of your childhood impact you while growing up?
  3. Draw a picture related to this and post in in your DHT portfolio and link it here! Note that all drawn art submissions must be linked as a portfolio for them to count

Friday, May 28th 2021

  1. Change your profile picture to a picture that represent how you feel today. All feelings can be represented through some scene, so take some time to get in touch with your emotions, because all of them are perfectly valid, and find a way to represent them through a picture.
  2. Code a Hopscotch project that integrates key objects/colors/feelings from your profile picture and link it here!
  3. Reply to at least 3 linked projects here and share your thoughts. How does the project make you feel? What do you think the creator was trying to convey?

Saturday, May 29th 2021

  1. Change your profile picture to something meaningful that someone has told you. It can be advice from a friend, a quote on the internet or a line from a book character. Anything as long as it has impacted/shaped you in some way.
  2. Find some tangible way to represent this, whether it be through a coded project or a DHT drawing. Note that all drawn art submissions must be linked as a portfolio for them to count
  3. Tag one forum friend that has given you good advice in the MSS. Write a meaningful thank you note to them and explain how their advice has impacted you.

Sunday, May 30th 2021

  1. Change your profile picture to something you strongly believe in. This could be anything as long as it’s important to you.
  2. Reflect on your entry post: How did the competition go? Did you enjoy it? Did you get what you hoped to get out of this?
  3. Code or draw anything related to the issue you chose as your profile picture. Note that all drawn art submissions must be linked as a portfolio for them to count

Thanks to the CampCourtesy sponsorship, each challenge prompt is worth a certain undisclosed number of CourtesyCoins. When you complete a challenge, the CourtesyCoins youve earnt get tallied up. At the end of this competition, each cabin you’re in will earn the CourtesyCoins.

The top 3 people with the highest overall CourtesyCoin earnings from this challenge will also be receiving additional prizes like any other Hopscotch Competition, including the possibility of real seeds. In addition to this, we’ll also have some special prizes for other participants, so stay tuned and participate as much as possible!!

One prize is HopBytes, and yall know what HopByte prizes mean… a limited-time HopByte store offer!

Pop-Up Hopbyte Shop (Limited Time Availability) Hopbytes
Custom Emoji Title 200 HopBytes
Pride Emoji Titles (:heart:/:orange_heart:/:yellow_heart:/:green_heart:/:blue_heart:/:purple_heart:/:rainbow_flag:/:transgender_flag:/:rainbow: 90 HopBytes (each)
Coded Request from Fearless 60 HopBytes
[Something from another host] 60 HopBytes
MSS long post Shoutout 35 HopBytes
Spamlikes from a host of your choosing 25 HopBytes
Spamlikes from a random host 17 HopBytes

That’s a lot, but it’s still not all we’ve got to offer! In honor of the spirit of Kindness and acceptance, for the first time ever, you can buy prizes for other Hopscotchers through the duration of the competition.

With that being said, winnable prize values and specifics will remain undisclosed until the competition finishes to ensure that prizes aren’t a driving factor for participation in such a meaningful and deeply personal competition. They are well worth it tho.

We hope you guys enjoy this and like the new format we’re trying out. Feel free to leave feedback for us, as well as tagging us for any questions/comments/concerns you may have.
~ The @Curators and @Leaders

@omtl @fearlessfriends


Hey :wave:
I have decided to participate because everyone deserves to feel safe and equal!
I am going to try to do challenges for Today Tuesday Friday Saturday. More of less depending on how much time I have.
For tomorrows project I am going to do a shape art
For Tuesday I might do an encouraging quote with a cool bg
For Saturday I know who im writing about but I no tell :shushing_face:



If I complete 1. On may 24 will that be a a challenge complete or would I have to do everything in that day?


1: Because I like this (dont know why as well)
2: To learn
3: Im excited for the clallenge set on May 26

1: Maybe all
2: The challenges


@FearlessPhoenix here is day 1


The limited time offer is a really good deal. Unfortunately, the HopBytes leaderboard hasn’t been updated since March 17, so I still only have 18 HBs. If it was, I would have 53 HBs total (I earned 35 from the Patrick’s Day Comp Challenges).

Acronym “HBs” = HopBytes


Oh wow!


@FearlessPhoenix, day 1 complete.




Does the project need to be completed or can I send a link to an unfinished version (that still has the requirements)?


I want to participate because I haven’t really done any of the other challenges, and this one seemed interesting. I want to have fun and see what other people find interesting and important to them. I’m excited for the passions and culture ones.

I’ll try to do as many as possible, but I might not finish the coding project in time.


I tried to make an equality pfp because I can’t code anything but I messed up skjfls


Monday @FearlessPhoenix


I feel that there are many social issues that we can work together as a whole to fix, both online and in real life. Together by addressing these issues I can hope we can make hopscotch and the people in it more aware of these issues, and hopefully get closer to fixing them.
I hope to be able to understand my friends on here better, so I can treat them with the respect they deserve.
I’m rather excited for Tuesday’s challenge, as I love my passions and I’d be happy to share them with you.


I’m planning to do each challenge, and as many of the challenges I can do. So far I’ve managed to collect two more pfps for the challenge, and I’m working on setting some time aside on Tuesday, Friday and the weekend to code some projects for the challenges.
(Reply since I forgot to include this and the op edit time expired)


Here’s this, and I’ve changed my pfp


Lol it’s the same


I think this is a great idea, I also love the idea of changing your Profile Picture to whatever it is for each day, especially today’s :)


I’d like the buy this lol