Community Noticeboard (unofficial) Week 02/12/17

I found myself wanting to keep track of things that go on the forum each week, so here is a response from me :smiley:

You, as a member of this community, can add to this at anytime. Think of it as a community cork board where you can pin up stuff :slight_smile:


• iMessage stickers with Hopscotch

• New beta

New beta on TestFlight:

• Original creators not showing in corner on remixed projects (bug)

Thanks to @MelodiousParrot for mentioning this :smiley:

• Censored words problem with titles has been fixed (forum)

Related topics:

Topics mentioning the problem has been fixed:

Topics talking about the problem:

(there are others, apologies if I can't grab them all :sweat:)

• Discussions about content/off-topicness on the forum

Some ideas raised:

  • have separate sections/categories for 'on-topic' vs 'off-topic' topics
  • have a single general topic in place of many topics
Related topics:

Please feel very free to add to this summary/notice.


Let's hear from you! What do you think about these things:

  • What sort of things are we going to include here? Do we have anything in mind, such as putting up guidelines on what to include here? Or will we just see how this goes first before thinking about things along the lines of guidelines?

    I was thinking of this as being like a place where Hops can put PSAs (Public Service Announcements) or it could be a sort of summary of discussions that have happened during the course of a week. Or just generally a place for 'Got something you want to update your fellow Hops on? Here's a place to do it!' :D

    And also I was just thinking if we can collect ideas/suggestions here, it'll make it easier to have proposals to the Hopscotch Team :smiley: or even just for them/everyone to get a feel of what's happening around the place.

  • I think a new noticeboard could be created weekly, any ideas on that? Actually, I'll make a post in case anyone wants to sign up

Sign up list to host the topic each week:

  • this isn't a big thing or anything; I just basically was trying to fulfill a need/something that I thought would be nice to have :smiley:

  • whenever you edit this, just add a reply and mention what you added :D

Thanks for dropping by!


Of like this!/ Cool, I Kind

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Nice topic!

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So every week you are going to do this?

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Oh wait there is stickers? Oh cool!

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Hi Sweetlina :smile: That's a great question, I'd like to do that. or even better is to make it a community thing where anyone can add to it/create it every week :smiley:


Yes there are. (Reading that was hard.)

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Cool topic, t1! :smiley:

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Hehe I'm glad I put up this topic then :slight_smile: Yeah sometimes it's hard to come across things like those sorts of notices unless you're browsing Top or jumping around profiles of THT (cough cough, yes I do do that sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:) Having this topic seems to have helped with that a little bit for your case there at least :)


Guilty :raised_hand:


I have this so usually I know when they make a topik:


Wow instead of emojis, I'll use the Hopscotch Stickers for messaging. My friends will be like "What is that sticker?" Then I will introduce them to Hopscotch! Hopefully they don't think I am a nerd XD


Wow that’s really helpful :open_mouth: didn’t know there was a Random category and that they post to there. I’m gonna do that too, thanks so much!


Tenth like cuz this is nice topic now and I know it's gonna be big

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Putting in random for that just gives you notifs of any new topics with all the categories you can view.

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No. I didn't get a notification for any except ones with random.


You're welcome.

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Sign up list to host the topic each week

Just an idea for anyone is interested (doesn’t matter if no one is :slight_smile:) Put your username here:

(Oh whoops forgot to mention that we’ll add the check emoji once we’ve had our turn :smiley:)


Wow thanks @Sweetlina that's awesome :smiley::smile: Glad to see you like this so far :slight_smile:


No problem! I love to see how the community and Hopscotch changed and what's new!

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