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Hey, Hopscotchers! I’ve been doodling around the Forum, and I’ve heard from quite a few people that we should bring back Community Leaders! I’m here to discus in this topic the pros and cons on Community Leaders.

What is a Leader?

A Leader is a step above a Regular. Leaders can do all sorts of things, and they have a huge responsibility. As of now, you cannot will yourself to become a leader, but the administration must choose you to become a leader.

How to become a Leader & What do they do?

Why do we need new Community Leaders?

We need someone who regularly checks the Forum, and is able to keep it tidy and safe for kids. Recently, there have been some issues that have compromised the kid-friendliness of the Forum, and there wasn’t a Leader to stomp it out (Well, there was, but that Leader has left the Forum, and the issue has returned). This is the main reason why we need Community Leaders.

We would also like Leaders to host some competitions! We like fun and games on the Forum :D (Leaders are able to hand out some really cool prizes, like a personalized nickname)

Lastly, Leaders are awesome for creating group tag list. It was really helpful when t1 was willing to do that for us as well as be an active Leader on the Forum!

But how are we going to choose?

There are 2 ways that would be good to choose Leaders:

• Have a vote by the community
Pros: We can easily decide who would make a great Leader!
Cons: Most people would vote for popular people, and popular may not be the best answer.

• Have the Hopscotch Team look around and see for themselves who would be mature enough to make a great Leader
Pros: THT could use some good judgement and pick an awesome Leader
Cons: It might take a while

I propose an idea! If we do happen to create a voting topic, here is how the voting/nominating should take place.

There will be a post directly below the official post that will be put on Global Edit. Each Hopscotcher will nominate 5 (and up) users, and give explanations to why these users would make great Leaders. This would include acts of kindness, being able to calm down a flame war, being a really good friend, etc.

(If you see a specific person(s) are being nominated quite a bit, try going for someone else! Everyone deserves a chance)

Post your nominations, and then you may put them in the Global Edit. If THT happens to see the Global Edit page, they will be able to review (easily) some pretty fantastic people!

What do we do now?

I’m just going to wait, and see how this pans out.
Then I’ll think about making a polling topic.
In the meantime, be a good roll model and be super awesome!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, by the way!

  • Yes, we need Community Leaders!
  • I think we will be OK for now

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Thank you! – @JonnyGamer
@OMTL Sorry for disturbing you

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It would be a great idea if we had leaders! I was never there for leaders, so it would be cool! Ps you did not do the poll.


Yeah, apparently polls don’t work in folders :/



It would be wonderful to have leaders again!

They are like role models for the entire forum!


Yes, this is great
We need leaders again


Yeah having new community leaders would be great!


I think leaders would be a very good option, seen as it went so well the last time we had them.


i completely agree!!
however the hs team sadly ended leaders on the forum bc the leaders worked so so so hard w the forum and when the hs team, the ppl who run the forum, werent always on so the leaders really stepped up. this made the hopscotch team feel like these leaders’ jobs were too much & that they couldnt have them and not pay them for it

or something like that


Ah, ok
Yeah, that makes sense

It could be community service :D

Yeah, we really need to mull it over


to make leaders work we would need to have quite a few bc when leaders were a thing, the same 4 or 5 leaders were all tagged and were depended on for every situation!!

we would have to assign leaders differently, like by category(ex. help w coding, etc) so that it wouldnt put too much weight on their shoulders and so they wouldnt have to seem obligated to helping out everywhere and wouldnt be constantly tagged


Yeah! That’s a great idea!
That would be really cool, so leaders can focus on a specific question

Like a math guru leader!

There are so many awesome ideas, wow!



bc leaders dont just close and open topics & all of that stuff, they know the material necessary to help others!!

i am not saying only leaders do that.

that was one of the main issues with leaders when we had them


Ah, yes, with the drawing topic escpecially

That was a crazy time :joy:


gotta love the drawing topic!!!

i remember how the first one reached like a billion comments and the system was so slow to close it bc it had never had near 10,000 comments


I didn’t vote because I kind of have mixed feelings about this I guess. Yeah, being Leader seems really fun because you get to help the community and solve problems, but it really is a lot of work and commitment. If someone tells you you’re not the boss of them and that you never should have been a community Leader, then you have to deal with it and not react. If someone is being stubborn and will not follow the guidelines, you have to suspend them no matter how many annoying alternate accounts they make. I feel like a lot of people didn’t necessarily understand the full job of being a Leader. I swear Kiwi and BAS and PopTart were literally amazing. They didn’t care if someone made fun of them or called them bossy or tried to shut them down, which is, in my opinion, the most important quality of a community Leader. You can’t let people get to your head, but you can’t be over-controlling.


Yes, that is very true
They were awesome leaders!
Being mature and respectful is a necessity for being a leader

(Haha, the first drawing topic got 20,000 past the 10K limit)


i do too, each has its pros & cons! the social impact that leaders made was so positive on the forum, & that allowed people to strive to be as nice and positive but some people took it too far. yall were amazing leaders!!!

that is something that, to me, is important. when i first joined the forum, kiwicute wasnt a leader yet but i thought she was a leader all along because when she reacted, it really made you be quiet and to stop being rude but she didnt say anything offensive! since the leaders are more frequently posting than the hs team, they can demo an example of how to act because i remember things like that happening quite often!

you forgot yourself!! you were a great leader during the first post you made on this forum! i knew you were destined to become a leader!

i completely agree. thats an example of the social aspect of leadership. many members on the forum know the coding well but sometimes take things a step too far

i agree with everything you said!!


Yeah, that’s really some amazing qualities
Those were the good 'ol days :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope that we can fix this bully situation :confused:


His probably sounds very self centered but I ink I would make a good leader. Even though I don’t have the long time experience everyone else has, I try to be nice to everyone, unless they are bullies, in which case I try to stop them from bullying.


But if not @photographer123 and @sophia71205 would definitely be my top picks