Community Leaders on the Forum (Recap)



Community Leaders on the Forum (Recap)

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I just wanted to add a quick thank you to all who read and participated in the 2 previous topics:

Community Leaders on the Forum, Polls about Community Leaders

This topic is a recap on what happened in the previous topics. Now that we’ve got a whole bunch of people’s perspectives and gathered some data, (and I finally learned how to make a public poll) I created this recap to show the view of the Forum on Community Leaders. And to talk about a few ideas.

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What are Community Leaders, and why were they here?

A long while back in the early days of the Forum, (Feb 2016) we had been introduced to some Community Leaders! Here’s the topic where Liza addressed about the new Community Leaders: Leadership in the Forum

She goes on to say that she and THT were adding community leaders to the Forum, because it was getting really big, and it was hard to manage all of our awesome posts! I’d recommend reading the link, as it really explains why the leaders were on the forum, what they were supposed to do. If you want the short version, here’s a summary:

Leaders are just Regulars who have seen it all and set a positive example in all of their posts. The constantly demonstrate kindness, helpfulness, maturity, and excitement on building Hopscotch. People who have been chosen to be Leaders on the Forum help manage the Forum’s safety for kids and well being, keep things happy and positive, present useful answers to questions, and make people excited to learn and share ideas.

Where did all of the Community Leaders go?

As time went on, the Leadership position on the Forum had been rolled back and reserved for members of The Hopscotch Team (Sept. 2016). You can read about it in this topic.

Liza describes how awesome the Community Leaders had been, but had decided to remove the Leadership position because THT couldn’t support the Leaders. For now..

However, @t1_hopscotch, in May of 2017, became the first Hopscotch intern that was previously a user, just like you and me! Therefor, she became a leader. She’s really great, and has helped out a lot on the Forum, keeping things positive and fun. But, she had become inactive in September of 2017.

Minor note
I recently just learned that @SmileyAlyssa and @Madi_Hopscotch_ have become Hopscotch Curators! (As of Nov. 2017) They review the projects that have been nominated in the Nominations for Featured topic. Congrats guys! You can tag them at @hopscotch-curators

Should there be Community Leaders nowadays?

I’ve heard from many people that there should be Community Leaders in the Forum nowadays. In a poll of 65 Hopscotchers, nearly 50 of them agreed that there should probably be some Community Leaders. (Proof)

But why do they think that?
There are many reasons why these Forumers want Community Leaders back. The main reason is to keep the forum safe for kids, positive, and neat. This is because there has been a major bullying issue recently:
Current Bullying on the Forum, Forum Users being Impersonated

These Hopscotchers want some Community Leaders back on the Forum so that in situations like this, there will be an easy fix! But for now, we need to stay alert, keep our cool, and keep doing what we’ve always done.

Why can’t The Hopscotch Team do this?
As said on previous topics by Liza herself, they can’t contain the whole Forum! It’s just too big with so much stuff going on. It’s hard to keep track of it all. However, some Community Leaders would easily eradicate this and set the Forums at ease.

Why can’t we just ignore this bully?
It’s a little tricky when users come up into topics that have been put a lot of work into, and start swearing, breaking the community guidelines, talking about illegal activity, and telling your own friends that they are not people and/or that they are stupid. Just flag and keep your cool, and stand up for yourself and the Forum.

Reasons for Community Leaders

● They keep the Forum positive, clean, and awesome!
● They answer tough questions and give awesome insight
● Theh create a safe environment for kids
● They are roll models to look up to!

These reasons alone are enough to get me on board to having some new Community Leaders

Reasons against Community Leaders

● Causes rivalry among Hopscotchers to become a Leader
● We can keep the Forum a positive place, even if we don’t have Leaders
● The idea of a “special group” of Hopscotchers that are better than the rest

These ideas brought up some good conversations, so maybe we want to rethink how the Leadership role should act

Ideas for Community Leaders

So now that we’ve seen the pros and cons to having Community Leaders on the Forums, what do you guys think about this? Add your ideas in the Global Edit post below :ok_hand: Thanks

How’d you like the post? :slightly_smiling_face: Please give me some feedback on this! Thanks! (The word feedback is blocked for some reason..) (Yes! I got the public polls working!)

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The State of the Forum (Jan 2018)
Should we bring back kid leaders and mods

Ideas for Community Leaders (Global Edit)

So now that we’ve seen the pros and cons to having Community Leaders on the Forums, what do you guys think about this? Add your ideas in the below :ok_hand: Thanks! Remember to post about it too in case your idea accidentally gets deleted!

Leaders can close topics and pin topics
Leaders can spamlike @Petrichor
Leaders get capes




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