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Revive! This topic is back :smiley:

Discuss moving out the Help With Code topics





I shared too much personal information
I've shared that I live on Aldeltasigmapitau, a fictional place where only cats live on
I've shared that I'm a cat
I've also shared that I'm a brown tabby








Heroes Never Die






Hi @Liza & @Rodrigo
I lounged a bunch of topics that were threatened (now they are unlounged) and have kept a few topics lounged, as well as the title commenting on bullying, so that it’s obvious of you to see what to remove.

Even though the user is removed his disgusting comments are still visible (since I’ve lounged where they all are only some can view) but they should be removed from the forums. Even the unneccessary topics.

Hope I have done a good job keeping the place immaculate.


Test: @hnu
Did they get removed from the forum? I can’t click on the tag

Yes! They have been removed!


so um during this whole xse thing, xse isn’t the only one who’s made mistakes.
there was way too much swearing and general rudeness to each other. I hope we’ve all learned from this incident and that next time something like this happens (this is the internet, after all) we handle it in a more mature way.
btw I’m not saying I haven’t made mistakes either. I am just as guilty as xse himself.



When did anyone swear?


don’t remember which topic


Someone arguing against xse got very fed up and cussed many times at them, with some posts being deleted due to other’s disapproval


I like how you still call me tulip