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Refreshing The Topic... (If You Know What I Mean)


Never read this, just read it now. :flushed:


What?!? Really? I have read them like 10 times!


It's true, at least for the girl (me). And I didn't read them when we joined the forum.

Hey, you're back from vacation! I saw your project!


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A lot of people have been sharing what country they are in.

Know your risks, but share a general area if you wish :slight_smile:


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If you could find it... That would be awesome!

If you can't, I'll try and find it.


Sharing what country your from is ok, and so is sharing what state you're from!

And it's deleted!


If you want to. Liza said it was ok, since a country is so vast an large. Unless your country is a small country, or if you want to risk, then I dunno


Wow I am looking back at these guide lines it's so sad no one barely follows these!:worried:


@Huggingfluffybear I know! We all need to see this;
maybe it could be used as a banner?
@Intellection74 Yes, as long as you're not like: "Hi, I live in England, in Intellectionville, on 66 Random Street, zip code 12345!"


Was this a banner when we came, or was that different?


But look at the location in our bio!


No by making like a lot of accounts I know that it says "there are the newest topics bla bla bla"


Those are also good XD


This is one of the best topics ever. :D
It's really useful! :D
@Liza awesome topic! :D

I actually got the 60th like! :D XD


People need to look at this