Community Guidelines


dumb rules
That’s for sure




I don’t care if I get banned




So I’ve heard


Le bébé est mort, j’ai mangé il aujourd’hui.
Translation: yes unfortunately


Actually, that is incorrect


Petrichor stop talking about dėad babies and providing wrong translations -__-


I’m learning more french from petrichor than in French class


of course, petrichor is master teacher



Correction, “the baby is dead, I ate there today” lol


Sounds like something that could be considered! I really love GitHub, but I think that most peoples´ websites has been taken down recently. I didn´t remove or report your website, so I will ask the other leaders!

Edit: After thinking about it, there are also some risks involved. On GitHub, you can make bios and also comment on stuff. People could hide links to CoF into a GitHub “project”, for example. But there are also many positives!


I think it’s really the mods’ decision, I’m not sure if leads or mods did it (well, you can see the edit thread), but if it’s gone not edited, prob a mod, and unfortunately, I don’t think that that rule is going to change


True. I´m going to ask Ana and the team to look into this.


Seems like i am learning more french over here.


cool rules