Community Guidelines




Just imagine when you joined the forum one of the mods who coincidentally had a similar username and PFP to you deleted your acc

Poor person


Ohmygod that’s hilarious


Lol that person was copying her
I bet it’s the same person who same-usernamed Liza


Now they weren’t what are you taking about




Hi, I don’t know why I’m here or what I’m doing but I’m doing it


@Liza @Liza @Liza Yes.


i have not. seen. this post. can u summon now


This topic should probably just be closed by now. Nobody is posting anything related to Community Guidelines


Cheese is tasty


I don’t think so.

What if a new user is directed to this topic and they have a question about the Community Guidelines?
Just because it’s gotten a bit off-topic doesn’t mean it should be closed.


Good point


Can somebody tell me if we can post our age?


It’s okay to do that.
It’s also okay to share your country (and some people even share their state), birthday, Hopscotch username, and first name.


A lot of people do, but I (personally) don’t think you should


I’m turning ninety-nine years old. Wish me luck in the coffin!




liza doesnt deserve naught fiends as in u! liza is good kid now!


my grandma does not care
u r not ood kid now liza