Community Guidelines


do u guys ever wish u had regular


so u could join with the cool kids :((


No, I think Liza is just really inactive, since Ana is community mod now.


somebody told me her photo isn’t on the website anymore but sure


I looked at their website and

  1. It got a makeover
  2. Liza is gone
  3. Ana’s been to six countries oof


and the font is kinda weird


It also says in her Twittermbio she formerly worked for HS


I noticed that too

This is just sad


Yeah, but Ana is doing a really good job right now. I hope we get more regularly updates and stuff.


This is weird then
And her last visible post was months ago


That’s probably just a pm


Commonly PM about flags


@Liza Come Alive OR Else


@wrfheiruhfgiudxrclvi heyo welcome to forumo


Hello, new user!
Welcome to the forum!


@Anna are you @Lisa’s alt


no shes a mod lololololol


Oh my goodness Ana has a sense of humor lol,


She’s still a meanie for deleting that poor person who happened to have a similar name and PFP to her