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on which topic did he post this?


@MewtwoCreator’s GT.


Let’s all calm down a bit shall we?


This topic is dabtastic






Also my forum comic but still can we chill then we can solve this


My friend told me that Liza left I think that is tru tho


u should not make deaath threats online Nancy smh


U r pathetically AFRAID


One time I k word caterpillar

rite @sweater


Oof yeah uhh I don’t think saying that is a good idea


Liza help! @Nancy and @carpet are all over my topic! They are being weird! Get them off! Please @Liza


@nancy, @carpet, be nice. you don’t want @Iiza or @lisa or @LlZA on you, do you?


ya u are riet gob gob squierrl

i am 2 sorry 2 say sorry so sorry


ok ok nevermind I read the topic, you’re forgiven


yeye can u get it out of lounge plexus plexus


is that a good idea


yeah so we can have win win

jacg be happy and i be happy and u be happy!


thanks gob gob squirrelly u are like bff 2 me!