Community Guidelines for Hopscotch Forum

:))that’s not in a language I understand jk I understand it kinda


@Yuanyuan So we can’t do shops?


you… can.
where did you read you can’t do shops lol


Hey there,

You can still have shops. You will need to insert the statement at the beginning of your topic.



Also hello. Longtime no see


Category Updates 8/27/2021

1. Shops & Requests

  • All of the new topics related to shops, currencies, requests, and commissions will be in this category.
  • You will need to include the disclaimer (refer to the community guideline for more info) if your shop/request includes seeds or other currencies on the forum.

2. Collaborations & Beta Testing

  • All of the new topics related to collaborations and beta testing will be in this category. This new category is created to help people collaborate in Hopscotch projects in a more private and secure way.
  • It is against our community guideline to set this category to Watching/Tracking. You can browse all the public topics here, but you should not watch any unlisted topics if you’re not a part of the collab or beta testing. The leaders have a way of checking who’s watching the category and topics, and you will receive a community warning as a result.
  • All new topics (after August 27, 2021) in this category will need to be approved by a moderator. You will need to fill out a template when you create a topic. Incomplete answers will not be approved for unlisted topics. Your request will be handled within 24 hours (potential longer delays during weekends and holidays).
  • A user can only create/own ONE unlisted topic at a time. This means that if you are the owner of open unlisted topics currently, you will need to close them before you can request/start a new one. (Scroll down to FAQ for more info)

3. Competitions & Events

  • All of the new competitions and events on the forum will be in this category.
  • You will need to include the disclaimer (refer to the community guideline for more info) if your competition/events offer prizes such as seeds/plants/likes/follows/other currencies on the forum.

:astonished: FAQ :thinking:

Why does my topic have to be reviewed and approved even if I’m making a public collaboration/beta testing?

  • We have made the category setting this way so that we can give everyone a chance to start a private collaboration. It’s definitely an inconvenience, so thanks for your patience!

Can I have one unlisted collab AND one unlisted beta testing at the same time?

  • No. You can only be the owner of one unlisted topic at a time after August 27, 2021.

I know people who own multiple unlisted topics right now! How is this fair?

  • Our rule regarding limiting one unlisted topic to forum users starts on August 27, 2021. All existing unlisted topics will remain unlisted. However, those people won’t be able to create any new ones until the older ones are all closed.

Why can I only create/own one unlisted collab/beta testing at a time? What if I need to test my game while I work on an unlisted collab?

  • There are two reasons:
    The first one is our moderation capacities. We do not have enough resources to moderate a large number of unlisted collaborations/beta testing.
    Secondly, we believe that it would be most productive for people to complete one project before advancing to the next. If you don’t plan on finishing a collab/beta testing, you can close it, and then you will be able to request a new one.

I started an unlisted topic, can I still be a part of @Unicorn123(any user)’s unlisted collaboration/beta testing?

  • Yes, you can be a part of someone else’s unlisted topic since you’re not the owner.

@Unicorn123(any user) started an unlisted collab with me, can I still create my own unlisted collab?

  • Yes, since you’re not the one who started the unlisted collab, you’re not the owner of the unlisted topic, so you will be able to request one for yourself.

How many people can I include in my collaboration?

  • As many as you’d like. However, if the discussions get chatty/unproductive/spammy, we will close it down and you might receive a community warning. Be responsible for your topics!

I found a lot of beta testing topics in Debug My Code category. What’s going on? Should I report these to the leaders or tag them?

  • No, let them be. They’re old topics.

I found this old collaboration topic in the Competitions & Events category. Should I report to the leaders?

  • No, let them be. They’re old topics.

What would happen if I open a shop topic in the Competitions & Events category?

  • We will move your topic to the right category. Repeated actions will receive a community warning. Please do not attempt this and respect our leaders’ time! They work hard to keep all the categories in place.

I found a way to set the Collaborations & Beta Testing category to watching. What would happen?

  • You will receive a community warning because we have a way to check this. We know there are ways to change your notification setting. However, please respect your fellow Hopscotchers! We made this so that people have a better way to collaborate and test their projects. Think about how you’d feel if people keep chiming in to your unlisted collaboration/testing.

Here are some tips for your unlisted topics to get approved:

  • Come with a plan. Explain what your project is about in detail. What is the goal? What does your project involve? What type of game is it? What kind of graphics would it have? What kind of testing are you doing? What part of your game is glitchy and needs help?
  • Figure out who will be in your unlisted topic before you request for an unlisted topic. We do not grant unlisted topics for people to ask if someone else wants to be a part of their collab. You will need to know who you want to collaborate with before asking for an unlisted topic.
  • If you already have an unlisted topic, tag the leaders in that topic to close it so that you do not have existing unlisted topics when you create new ones.

Awesome, this is a super exciting change!


What if you have an overall beta testing topic and not a new topic for each project and you wanna collab on something?


If the beta is unlisted, you’ll have to wait until that’s closed. Or you can have whoever you want to collab with to request a new unlisted topic. Unfortunately you will not be able to request a new unlisted topic if you already have another unlisted topic.


Okay, got it


if this happens completely out of your control, for example, in a beta testing topic you state that there won’t be any updates for a while and then leave for a few days and come back to the topic being spammed, would you still get a community warning?

do the people who spammed/had “unproductive” conversation get a warning?

if one of my topics is purposefully spammed by others, do i get a warning?

can we still watch shops & requests and Competitions and events?


I do think this is a little unfair - just my personal opinion - because I have a singular beta testing topic which is unlisted, but I also have collaboration(s) sometimes (ex. the Hoptunes collab) and if you’re like me and have an unlisted BT topic, and want to make a collab, I think you should be able to do that.

I think you should make it 2 per person. That way you don’t need to close a BT topic to work on a collab - I just don’t think that’s fair.
Maybe you could even make it 1 collab topic and 1 beta testing topic per person, so one person can’t have two unlisted collabs or two unlisted beta testing topics.


you can change temporarily your collab topic to beta testing topic and change it back when you’re done. There won’t be any stalkers bc leads can check who’s watching/tracking


I think this is more aligned with the concept of working on “one project at a time” so that you will finish one thing before starting another, since you can still have the other person start the collab topic while you keep your beta topic.

It seems a reasonable ask to have more than one – we might end up discussing this anyways.


Hey @Leaders how do I change my profile name?


If you mean your username (which is currently “Lizzie”), a moderator have to change it for you. We have a rule on how often we do this, which is once a year. So, you’ll be able to change your username earliest on 2022-06-05T22:00:00Z (since you joined on that date). As a very new user, you might also be able to change it, but this only applies to users who just created their account.

If you want to change your name and it has gone a year from you last did it, just tag a moderator in the Leaders Q and A Topic, and we will do it for you!


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