Community Guidelines for Hopscotch Forum

I do think this is a little unfair - just my personal opinion - because I have a singular beta testing topic which is unlisted, but I also have collaboration(s) sometimes (ex. the Hoptunes collab) and if you’re like me and have an unlisted BT topic, and want to make a collab, I think you should be able to do that.

I think you should make it 2 per person. That way you don’t need to close a BT topic to work on a collab - I just don’t think that’s fair.
Maybe you could even make it 1 collab topic and 1 beta testing topic per person, so one person can’t have two unlisted collabs or two unlisted beta testing topics.


you can change temporarily your collab topic to beta testing topic and change it back when you’re done. There won’t be any stalkers bc leads can check who’s watching/tracking


I think this is more aligned with the concept of working on “one project at a time” so that you will finish one thing before starting another, since you can still have the other person start the collab topic while you keep your beta topic.

It seems a reasonable ask to have more than one – we might end up discussing this anyways.


Hey @Leaders how do I change my profile name?


If you mean your username (which is currently “Lizzie”), a moderator have to change it for you. We have a rule on how often we do this, which is once a year. So, you’ll be able to change your username earliest on 2022-06-05T22:00:00Z (since you joined on that date). As a very new user, you might also be able to change it, but this only applies to users who just created their account.

If you want to change your name and it has gone a year from you last did it, just tag a moderator in the Leaders Q and A Topic, and we will do it for you!


pretty big banner lol


Great to join!


@kyla_pud - hey there :)) there’s loads to do on the forum! You’ll soon receive a message with some explanations and help - though for now be sure to check out here!

and which competition do you want to enter? - it varies depending on which one!


Update regarding username changes on the forum
Hi everyone! We quite often get questions about how you can change your username on the forum, and what the policy for username changes is. With this post, we want to clarify the requirements for changing your username, and also announce a change to the rule: we now allow new users to request name changes without needing to wait one full year for the first name change!

So, the official rules for forum username changing are:

  • You may change your forum username at any time, as long as you haven’t changed your username in a year.
  • The change may be requested in the :hopscotch: Leaders Q and A Topic and will be approved as long as you meet these requirements.
  • Keep in mind that usernames can not contain special characters and needs to be at least 3 characters long. They also need to be unique.

That’s awesome!


i believe another quick look at the guidelines just to remind us what’s allowed and what’s not won’t hurt, huh? :)
bumping this topic for everybody


interesting information


Welcome to the Forum!


Quick update – we’ve updated the guidelines to make it easier to read. You’ll also be able to use the table of contents to find different parts of the post. If you have any questions about them, please feel free to ask here or on the Leaders Q and A Topic


Is a link to a game that’s played in the browser on another website and no communication, allowed?


I dont think so


are you sure it has no communication though??


I think in this case, it means more that everyone is capable of learning and understanding calculus just as much as you are, rather than everyone else has the exact same knowledge and experiences as each other.

(I know this is a long time ago but just saw it and had a reply)