Community Guideline for Hopscotch Forum

Welcome, Hopscotchers!

This forum is here to help you improve your Hopscotch skills and share what you know to help others. Here are your guidelines to make this forum a place where everyone feels welcomed, supported, and encouraged. Follow the guidelines at all times.

  1. Be nice, always. Practice good digital citizenship (some jokes aren’t as funny when they’re online!).
  1. Use only one account, no alts are allowed.

  2. Keep Hopscotch a safe place. Your personal information stays private.

  • Things you can share: your first name, age, and Hopscotch username.
  • DO NOT share personal information, which are not limited to: last name, email, phone number, where you live, your school, your social media info, and your pictures.
  • Don’t ask anyone else to share their personal information. If you’re making a poll, make sure it’s about Hopscotch and relevant to the topic!
  • Keep conversations on the forum. Don’t share links for others to contact you outside of the forum. This includes Whiteboard, Discord, Hangouts, Padlet, Google Docs, social media, and others yet to be invented.
  1. If you disagree with someone, disagree politely.

  2. Sharing your own beliefs doesn’t mean de-valuing other people’s beliefs.

  3. Keep it clean!

  1. Keep it relevant! Add to the conversation by responding directly to the question posted in the topic, or reply as a linked topic to lead the conversation in a slightly different direction.
  • Do not use the forum to discuss topics that aren’t related to Hopscotch.
  • Do not make speculations about whether someone self-planted. If you have any concerns, email THT directly at The reason is that false accusations can be hurtful, and this topic will lead to more off-topic discussions.
  • Posts about leaving are not allowed and will be removed.
  1. You may request for plants, seeds, followers, and likes ONLY in these two following situations:
  • the Official Seeds/Plants/Likes Request Topic. You can only once a day and no more than 3 times a week to prevent spams.
  • And in any Hopscotcher-started competition/event topic that involves a prize if the starter of the event is okay with you asking for plants related to that event.
  1. You may add seeds/plants/likes/follows as a part of your self-started events/competitions/shops/challenges, but you will be responsible for giving people plants/likes/seeds/follows yourself. In order to offer seeds in your own event, you must add this at the beginning of your topic in normal-sized fonts, without any alteration to the text:
  • "This event/competition/challenge is started by me (@ yourself) and all the currencies, rewards, and prizes are handled by me, not Hopscotch. You can find other similar self-started events in the Latest Collabs, Requests & Competition Topics, or even start one yourself. Because this is started by me, Hopscotch and the forum leaders are not involved or responsible in any of the transactions here.”
  1. Share and learn. Help out fellow Hopscotchers when they have questions. Seek help when you have questions. There’s always room to learn more… Even Mark Zuckerberg admits that he’s got more to learn.
  2. All unapproved non-code related topics will be archived.
  3. If you break a community guideline, you will receive an official warning. If you receive three warnings, your account will be silenced for a day. If, after two silencings, you continue to break a community guideline, you will receive a two-week suspension. After that, any continued breach of guidelines will result in a permanent suspension. For an easy way to remember this: just think 3-2-1!
  4. For a more detailed explanation of what you can and can’t post on the forum please click here

This guideline was modified from the original post, with the help of forum leaders.


New community guidelines? Cool


Yeah! Nice to see that the new guidelines are finally out :))


I think most of them are the same


They’re mostly the same, just reworked a bit and some importantly points have been added :)) it’s nice to see those being reiterated and incorporated into the main ones


New guidelines? Very cool!


Are you allowed to state which country/region you live in, or your time zone?

Like, could I say that I might live in the U. S. A, but don’t say which state, city, or town I live in?


Timezone or countries are okay!


(tho I wouldn’t necessarily recommend sharing country if it’s somewhere like the Vatican or is really small/easily identifiable (like maybe the equivalent of a populous US state). just saying cuz I think that’s a point that’s been brought up before)


Are we allowed to share our GitHub, if we have one?


Also someone should maybe unpin the old guidelines topic?




GitHub is fine, as elaborated on here:


Sorry, I have a lot of questions… but:

Why are alt accounts not allowed on the forum? It’s not really elaborated on the list, so I’m a little confused.


Alternative accounts are not allowed so that we can prevent spam in the forum. There are also not a lot of reasons why one would ever need an alt account. If everyone starts making lots of accounts, we might have too many duplicate contents on the forum. This is so that the forum can stay clean and moderated.


Cool new community guidelines!


Im worried for petrichor and awesome e


Certain alt accounts were approved by Ana for testing or other reasons, however those are special circumstances and not the norm. Pretty sure that’s the case for them.


Yep, like how @FlamePhoenix is my alt acc, used for whenever something needs testing

Petrichor and E aren’t alt accs tho, they’re two different people which is fine. Alt thing is just a running joke