Community Call on 5/27/16 3:30 PM Eastern



Hi guys! We're hosting a community call today at 3:30 PM Eastern.

Come prepared with questions, suggestions, and ideas—this is your time to give us feedback on Hopscotch :slight_smile:. We know you have lots to share!

You will be able to type questions into a chat, so you won't need to show your face or use your voice.

Here's the link:

See you soon :slight_smile:

Hopscotch-con! PLS LOOK! THT can we do this? blah now planning? my idea post here

Awesome! I'll be there :smiley:


I can't wait!

I can tell you that I won't be outside- broken toe/foot.... :P

And I had an early dismissal!!!


Will people on YouTube be able to view it?


@liza, how do I get on the hangout? Do i need a link or something? I am confused on how to get there :D


Yes, because it's a live event and it has a live chat.


The link is not listed, so unless you've seen it here or someone sends it to you, it is not on our page.

To make it easier for everyone, only Hopscotch will be showing faces (since some of you aren't allowed!). You will be able to ask questions / ideas by typing into a chat window. Woot!

Just open this link to join at 3:30 Eastern:


I wanted to JOIN the call and chat.. can I? Please :sob:



But can other people show faces if they are allowed to?



How long time is it open? When it start so can I not be online:(


Broken toe foot !!! Never new that was a part in the body!!




Thanks for the invitation @Candycane!

I was just reading this lol :joy:


Can you get on the youtude one now?




Oh yeah, dont you have a hopscotch one? Me and LL want you to come, she just posted this

Lazy Lizard: KVJ will hopefully be on soon!


Aww nice to know you remember me!


remembers who dis hop is

Ahh, i remember now xD


I'm Razor Guild in the chat :D


Really now? lol im on too!


Nevermind I can go now!