Communication outside the forum?


If you communicate inside the forum, why is it a problem to communicate outside the forum? I mean, you are already talking to a complete stranger here, so why does it matter? Some people know each other outside the forum, so is it a problem to talk outside the forum too? Just wondering.


It's because it's not moderated so it's not safe. :D


Communication outside the forums is not moderated, that is why.

Man @Pingu beat me to it! :smiley:



I'm pretty sure you posted it at the same time XD


But what if you know someone here outside the forum? Are you not allowed to talk to them


It's not moderated.

Forumers could bully others, and bad, innapropriate, things can happen, people can share location, faces, it's not moderated, it's not safe.


No, yours was just a few seconds earlier. Anyways LGBOT


You can talk to someone if you know them irl even if they are on the forum :D

Like Pingy and SS are sisters, they can talk on the forum, or other places, because they know eachother irl :D


As @BuildASnowman has said before, if you knew someone before Hopscotch then wouldn't it be silly if you're no longer allowed to talk just because you're both on Hopscotch?


I mean hopscotch is very uptight so I thought....


Communicating outside the forum with people you don't know is very dangerous. If you ever think about doing this, think about your safety and what your risking. The people you may be communicate
I got with may be very bad People. The moderators and THT just want to keep everyone safe.:wink:


Oh. So if you know SmileyAlyssa's, you can't communicate with her on


If she told you what it was through the forum, she'd get in trouble. If you know her in real life it's okay.


No she didn't tell me. I saw it on


My friend actually showed it to me. So I was just asking.


I guess it's okay?:thinking:

I think that's a question for the leaders and mods because I may be wrong.


But you're talking to complete strangers here


Exactly!!! At least someone feels me here!!!


Well, if someone did try to do something bad to you, there are other forumers around to help :smiley: the mods can ban that person as well. Outside the forums, this is not always the case.


No, it's not, because you met her on Hopscotch.