Committee of United Hopscotchers (CUH)



Thats good. Notify me when you finish!


The FAI tournament will take place soon. But there is no start or end date yet.


What is the FAI tournament?


The fake artificial intelligence tournament


New poll for Assistant Chairman:

@NindroidGames @HopscotchRemixer @HopedHoper @William04GamerA @Mr.rex @background_inc @MyPizza @OriginalCherry @Kayro


Okay. Artists can now be members with full rights!


It’s tied up between William04Gamer and NindroidGames! But it still anybody’s chance.


What do you do? What do ou do in the tournament


Hopedhoper is winning by 1%?



We all have approx. 33%.


No it weird,


It’s because it’s tied but it has to equal 100%


Yep. So technically Hoped is winning. But not winning.



It’s a little confusing. We have 3 options in the poll, and everyone has the same amount of votes. 100/3=33,333333333…
So, Discource round everything to 33% except one alternative that will get 34% even if everyone has the same amount of votes.


I think it’s who got the first vote gets 1 more. But, it doesnt matter.


We also need someone to spread publicity. Is anyone up for the job? You’ll be promoted to Regular.
@NindroidGames @HopscotchRemixer @HopedHoper @Mr.rex @background_inc @MyPizza @OriginalCherry @Kayro


I was thinking of making a hopscotch project that would advertise the forum and all the different popular topics (such as nominations for featured, drawing on paper rather than Ipad, etc.) on it. I could add some information about this topic in there too! It’s no biggie though idk if it’s worth earning regular. I’ll just have fun doing it!


No, there needs to be ways to be promoted. And thank you so much!


You could ask @Kitkat26 to put an ad in The Hopscotch News. Go to her topic about it.