Committee of United Hopscotchers (CUH)



What do people think about this:

This is the original:


Pretty good.
Maybe add instructions.


Ya I don’t exactly understands the purpose of it. But it looks really good and well-programmed!


Forum username; OriginalCherry

Forum username(with @ sign): @OriginalCherry

Hopscotch username: OriginalCherry

Specialty: I really like making trail arts and sometimes I make games. (Working on one big one right now.) Also, when you check my profile you will see art after a bunch of coding projects. Does this count me as an artist? I don’t do art anymore but I hope you accept this.


I can’t find your Hopscotch profile, can you share a project(any project) so I can find it?


Sure, here is my latest trail art


Notes: I need you to be more active. I checked your profile and you have about 12 art projects (out of 41 projects). You also then have like 3 remixes (out of 41 projects) so, you still qualify as a member and not an artist (26 Out Of 41 projects are original games).


Thank You! I will keep trying to stay active and I am working on a game and a trail art right now so expect something’s soon!


That’s good! Have fun! And can you please vote for Assistant Chairman? We have 5 people running, 4 people voted, and each one for a different person.


Is it possible to be kicked out if the majority of your projects are art after you have been excepted?


Even if the majority of your projects are art, if you have five original games, you won’t be kicked out. But you won’t be able to be promoted to senator.
But after everyone votes, it may be different.


I was just watching checking…
I will never have this problem then
Sorry my keyboard is small and it is hard to type


@William04GamerA, @background_inc, and @Mr.rex please vote for Assistant Chairman. I’m giving 2 more days to vote!


I don’t really know who to vote for - all alternatives would be awesome - can I skip voting this time? Sorry.


If someone doesn’t vote, you have to then, so at least someone (other than you)has a chance of winning.


Okay, I’ll vote. Everyone would be good as “Assistant Chairman” though!


Yep. Thanks a ton!


Apparently, this post can’t be empty for some reason… COME ON FORUM! Man up! Or, are you a woman? Okay, WOMAN UP!!!


You are accepted, but until you become more active, you cannot become senator or higher. @Yusamac205


@MyPi I am currently working on something super super special on my account. That is why I don’t look active.