Committee of United Hopscotchers (CUH)



Welcome to the CUH! Thank you!


Okay, we need one more person so we can have an election for Assistant Chairman.


You have to scroll aaaaalll the way down


Here, I counted 5:



Okay. But because a majority of your code is art, you cannot be promoted to senator.


Well, I’ll try to make more games. Plus I have like 50 games just none of them are done so

I code all the time, but

either way do you like my art?


Okay. And yes, I do like your art.


Ok are we electing a co-chairman now?



Okay, you are accepted.


Poll for Assistant Chairman-

  • NindroidGames
  • HopscotchRemixer
  • HopedHoper
  • William04GamerA
  • Background inc.

0 voters

You can’t vote for yourself.
You have to be a member to vote.

@NindroidGames @HopscotchRemixer @HopedHoper @William04GamerA @Mr.rex @background_inc @MyPizza @OriginalCherry


You have only 2 days left to vote!


Should I let Artists join?

  • Yes, and give them full rights
  • No
  • Yes, but don’t let them become Assistant Chairman
  • Yes, but don’t let them become Senator (or higher)
  • Yes, but don’t let them become regular (or higher)
  • Oops, I accidentally voted and I’m not a member

0 voters

@NindroidGames @HopscotchRemixer @HopedHoper @William04GamerA @Mr.rex @background_inc @MyPizza @OriginalCherry


Hey I was interested in joining!
Hopscotch forum username: MyPizza
Hopscotch forum name with @: @MyPizza
Hopscotch username: My_Pizza
My specialty: Games or pixel art or both at the same time😂


You are accepted! But you can’t become Assistant Chairman because th election is already in progress.


Yeh that’s ok I probably wouldn’t have been fit for It anyways


You can join temporarily as a “temp”. You have the same rights as a member but cannot be promoted no matter what you do until the voting on if we will allow Artists to join is done. If we vote against having Artists- you will be kicked out, and can only join when you make 5 original projects. But if we vote in favor, you will be promoted to member.
If you want to join as a “temp” fill out this form:
Forum name:
Forum name (with @):
Hopscotch name:
-this form will be reviewed, thank you-


Actually, if I could you would have been one of my choices. But you’ll have next month’s election


Thanl< u MyPi for making a form


You are welcome! You can now vote!