Committee of United Hopscotchers (CUH)




The Committee of United Hopscotchers is a new committee consisted of active Hopscotchers. We help those in need, work together to create events (Olympics, Oscars, etc.), and handle things that the Hopscotch team is to busy to deal with, in a civilized, organized manner!

List Of Ranks

Chairman- Multus Industries (Multus, @MyPi, Saxonerd) [Is in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly, has 75% veto power]
Assistant Chairman- @William04GamerA (Helps the Chairman, 40% veto power)
Senator- [Helps run things, deals with smaller arguments and hiccups, creates events, has 25% veto power]
Regular- [Can ask to create an event]
Member- @Petrichor @HopscotchRemixer @HopedHoper @Mr.rex @background_inc @MyPizza @OriginalCherry @Kayro @Yusamac205 [can vote]

Bill of Rights

All members and non- members and Regulars have an equal say in an argument.
Senators and the Chairman can make a end the argument
One can only be kicked out if a senator or the Chairman kicks him/her out
One can only kick out someone lower than them
One must have a week’s notice before being kicked out
Only a senator or the Chairman can demote- only one rank at a time!
One can only demote a person on a lower rank
One must have two day’s notice before being kicked out


For something to be vetoed, it must have a 100% veto.
Only the Chairman can unveto
The Chairman cannot veto more than twice a day
No starting flame- Wars
Anyone of any rank can complain about a person to a Senator or the Chairman- in secrecy.
Respect people’s privacy
Treat others like yourself
People who are not in CUH are NOT inferior
Be fair

Form to join

Forum username;
Forum username(with @ sign):
Hopscotch username:
Specialty(Trail art, coding, games, graphics, etc):

-This Form will be reviewed, thank you-

Assistant Chairman

How to become it: Every month we will have an election for the Assistant Chairman
Notes: If people think that the Assistant Chairman is bad, they can vote on a poll so that we can’t elect a new one sooner.


How to become it: Help I need a considerable way.
Notes: N/A


How to become it: Be a member 2 weeks
Notes: N/A


How to become it: See Rules to join
Notes: N/A


Here you can reserve times for your competitions, so you don’t have it at the same time as someone else:

Form For Competitions

Competition name:
What it is about:
Topic for competition:
Start time:
End time (when you say who won):
Project due dates:

@CreationsOfaNoob @AHappyCoder @Petrichor @HopscotchRemixer @HopedHoper

Please Note: I have nothing against artists, I just believe Hopscotch is a coding app, not a drawing one.

Okay, here’s proof




Okay, bUt… the art thing is… kinda rude :0

A hopscotcher isn’t any less legitimate because they prefer to draw


I understand. While I was writing this I thought that people might find it rude. So, I just made the minimum amount of projects 5. Because, Hopscotch is a coding app. And it does make them less of a coder, not Hopscotcher.


I guess.


Omg you call me active

get yo facts straight lol

ill take something tho sure

lifes busy so yah


You may need to re think that acrnoym lol

it sounds like we are going to seize power from tht lol


Active people who code on hs or what?
because if not then…

righty o

im game
I code python


Oh ok bye-bye


How about Windy Election With Inspect Love or Life That Acts Kind to Everyone or Poops on Orange Winds or Evil Respect.



I vote for that lol


I came up with a great name for a ESP8266 project

Computing recording integrated temperature and telemetry enviromental recorder

or C.R.I.T.T.E.R for short




Computer Reconnaissance Incase Neverending Gastrointestinal Evil.


This is kind of bias against artists! I know they don’t really help Hopscotch be a coding place, but Hopscotch is for creativity and some artists still code their own pads.:upside_down_face:


Maybe Computer Reconnaissance Incase Mankind’s Evil? CRIME.


Oh…I guess I will join. Thx for tagging me. Why did you only tag us though!


Games, Trail Art


Most artists copy off other people’s pads without giving credit.