Commissions Info



Hey everyone! Here’s the info about commissioning (if you are going to):

  1. Type here the information about the furry/animal/human, be as specific as possible!
  2. If you can include a Ref. Sheet or a picture then please do so, it really helps.
  3. What position do you want it to be in? Where are they? What facial expression?

If you commission me, then please be patient. If you want color, that also might take a bit more time. That’s really all that I can think of, see you until then!


Post this on the drawing topic.


Pleas post all drawing related posts on the drawing topic or on a general topic. Other topics are meant for Hopscotch (and tech, and coding). Thanks!


Ok, I will get onto that, I’m a bit new to the forum so I still have to learn a bit. Thanks for telling me that :slight_smile:


Yes. I knew you were trying to post this one time but you didn’t. So technically I’m the first one who saw you lol
I looked at your bio too


Oof, I’m guessing that’s a bad thing. Sorry.


Oh no, no it’s isn’t. I just knew you joined before everyone else :P


That’s pretty neat! Are you on the HS app?


Yes, check my biography (click on my profile picture, then click it again).


I gtg, but it was nice chatting with you! Enjoy the rest of your day.


Thanks! I gtg too. Bye!


hello, r u red noodles on tynker? i am kitten life (new). sorry just made this account not really sure how to use it but thanks anyways


No, I’m DoggoBear. Rednoodles does have a forum user (@rednoodles) but she’s not very active on here.


idk if u saw but i made a project for u. just watch it and reply. if u want to. thanks


I saw it and it is currently in review.


oh okie. your projects r cool


do you know if i love cake or any other tynkerers do hopscotch


I know that PmP does Hopscotch on the app, but other than that I think that’s it. Oh and UTtheDev (the creator of loading signs) is on here too