comments ?!!!!!


I know this is really off topic but I was wondering .I don't know how to post a comment.Silly yeah I know.But I don't know where the button is!!!THX!

Ummmmm....Forum Glitch?

Do you mean here on the forum? You press the button with an arrow saying "reply."


Hi, welcome to the Hopscotch Forum! :)

All you have to do is click the green/blue button that says "reply" to add a comment. Make sure it's contributing to the topic in a great way! Here's some tips to become a Hopscotch Forum Pro:

Cool thing to know, click the arrow to see

If you click on your profile picture at the top right of the screen you can see notifications, settings, bookmarks and the log out icon.

If you click on the words "GlowingArtist" (Mine is AwesomeJediE) you can view your profile. There is Activity, which shows what you've been doing; Notifications, which lets you know what happened recently that involves you; Badges, where people see the badges you earn (like "Welcome" (when you first join); and Summary, which has a nice info about your stats.

If you click on Preferences you can edit your profile (e.g. Profile Picture) and settings (e.g. turning off emails the forum sends you).

Things to remember
The portal to several important Hopscotch topics

If you have any questions, tag me by typing @AwesomeJediE. It will make my username look like this: @AwesomeJediE. You can tag anyone in the forum but make sure to listen to them if they say they don't want to be tagged anymore. Remember to do your best to be helpful in any topic! :smiley: :smile_cat: Let me know if you're able to reply!


Welcome to the forum! I think your question already have been answered, but if you need help with anything else, feel free to tag me (you write like this: @William04GamerA) and I'll be happy to help you!


It says reply. :smiley:


Hi!!I know about that but I want to know how to make a the way I am a huge fan of Star Wars so I love your username! Spinning BB-8!

Yours,GlowingArtist P.S sorry for the ate reply I am more active on. Hopscotch


ok!Sorry for the late reply I am more active on Hopscotch


I know that but I don't know to post a topic